Members of the public are given the opportunity to comment on planning applications at meetings of the Planning Committee at which they are to be considered.  This is in addition to any written representations made prompted by the publicity given to applications.

Comments can be made on those planning applications which are listed on the agenda for discussion by the Committee.  For a list of scheduled meetings and a copy of the agenda and planning reports, please click here.

If you wish to speak, please inform the Committee administrator before the start of the meeting and fill in a slip which will be provided at the meeting.

Questions or comments about planning applications will be dealt with at the time when those applications are considered.  These should be confined to additional information on issues which you feel have not been fully covered in the officer's report and presentation to the Committee.

After the officer has presented the application report, the Chairman will invite the Town/Parish Council representative, if present, to make comment, following which others wishing to comment will be invited to speak.

Speakers will be restricted to three minutes each - a maximum of six supporters and six objectors of the application may speak at committee. The applicant or agent and representative of the parish council are also invited to speak. The Chairman will ensure that the opportunity is given to both sides to speak, but an application will not be deferred merely because one side is unable or does not wish to be present.

Once the comments by members of the public have been made, the Chairman will allow the applicant or his agent to respond if present.

The Planning Officer will then be given the opportunity to respond to or clarify any points that have arisen from the public participation exercise.

It is at the discretion of the Chairman to decide when public participation will end.

Advice for speakers

  1. You must direct your questions and comments through the Chairman, and may not take part in the Committee debate
  2. State clearly your name, who you are representing and whether you are supporting or objecting to the application
  3. Speak slowly, clearly and loud enough for everyone to hear you, and direct your comments to the Chairman and Members of the Committee
  4. Try to be brief, avoid being repetitive and try to prepare what you want to say beforehand

If you require any assistance in preparing your statement or question, or if you need further guidance on how the Committee operates, please contact us and we will inform you of the name of the Committee Administrator.

For a list of Members of the Planning Committee, please click here