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The rules:

  • Council is referred to as a singular term
  • Avoid referring to forms or documents by codes, give them a 'friendly name'
  • Do not use a full stop or other punctuation at the end of a list item
  • Frequently published contact details should have their own unique page
  • Write email addresses in full, in lowercase, as an active link. The link text must be the same as the email address
  • Do not repeat page links
  • Do not use generic phrases like 'click here' as link text
  • Phone number should be written as '01271 327711', longer phone numbers should be like this 0300 456 0546
  • Do not write the '&' character
  • Do not use block capitals
  • Date and time format - whenever 'today' is written, ensure it is followed by the date, eg 'Today (9 March, 2012)'
  • Apply specific number formatting rules
  • Write out 'pence', 'pounds' and 'percent' in full
  • Image must have defined 'alt' attribute
  • Page title must be less than 9 words and less than 65 characters including spaces as that's where Google cuts off the sentence
  • Try to avoid using stop words * in the page title
  • Meta description must not be the same as the page title
  • Meta description must not be over 150 characters
  • Meta description must not contain stops *

* stop words - and, or, the etc.

Remember that you should be writing for an 8 year old so that the text is accessible for customers using screen readers and other accessibility technologies.