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Ласкаво просимо в Північний Девон. Нижче наведена інформація щодо послуг, які ви, як гості, і ваші господарі можуть очікувати від цього району. Якщо ви бажаєте, щоб вам надсилали будь-яку інформацію українською чи російською мовою, або у вас є запитання, будь ласка, зв’яжіться з Радою Північного Девона за адресою:

North Devon Council are playing an active role in the Homes for Ukraine Scheme, for both hosts and guests.

We are adding useful information and links to informative web sites that will hopefully assist with any general enquires in relation to the scheme.

If you do require any further information or advice please email in the first instance to: or call our Customer Services on 01271 388870


If you are interested in supporting a family from the Ukraine you will first be required to register onto the Government Homes for Ukraine web site to register your details. This site will go over the process and details required: Once registered there are number of national charities that help with the matching process:

  • Refugees at Home, a charity connecting refugees and hosts online
  • Room for Refugees, which has previously settled unaccompanied child refugees with families in the UK

Once a host has registered their details and agreed a Ukraine guest they will be added to a main data base. This data is gathered by Devon County Council in the first instance, who will then pass this to the local authority where the host and guest will be based.


Devon County Council

DCC are responsible for completing the Disclosure and Barring Service checks (DBS). This is carried out on each member of the host family who are over 16 years old:

North Devon Council

NDC are responsible for completing a property check on the host’s property where the guest will be residing. This checks will be to ensure the accommodation meets the basic minimum criteria:

Sponsor home visit checks - Supporting Ukraine (

An officer from NDC will make direct contact with the potential host from the details forwarded by DCC, this officer will then arrange to meet with the host at their property at an agreed convenient time.

If all checks are completed satisfactory the host will receive a confirmation letter from NDC to confirm this. If the visiting officer feels that additional works need to be completed before the family arrive the office will advise the host and confirm via email/letter. A further visit will then be arranged once required works have been completed.


North Devon Council are working in conjunction with The Pickwell Foundation in regards to offering wrap around support for both hosts and guests. North Devon Council will arrange for a referral over the Foundation with both host and guest consent who will then make contact directly and discuss support options available.

The Pickwell Foundation have a very informative web site that offers guidance and links to other services available in the North Devon :

Financial Support

There is a one-off payment of £200 per guest that will administrated by NDC, and paid directly to the Lead Guest. NDC will require the following information to be able to process this payment:

  • Confirmation that the guests have arrived and are with host family – please contact NDC via the email address
  • The guest will be required to have an British mobile number or an email address
  • NDC will set up a payment code to be delivered by the agreed method, this code will then need to be taken to a post office who will pay over the Welcome Payment in cash to the Guest

Please note that if the guest are in North Devon under the ‘Friends and family’ scheme they will not unfortunately be entitled to this payment or the ‘Thank You’ payment for hosts.

Hosts will also be entitled to a ‘Thank You Payment’ of £350 per month, this is optional and we realise that not everyone will want to claim this. The host ‘thank you’ payment will be made monthly directly to the hosts bank account. It will be paid in arrears one month after you notify us of the arrival date. It will be paid on or around the same date each month for the length of the scheme or until the guests leave, whichever is sooner.

The host will be required to sign an agreement with NDC in regards to this payment which will be sent once the checks have been completed.

Bank Accounts

Guests arriving in this country will need to open a bank account, we have included a list of banks and their requirements/ID to be able to open an account. Please note that these do vary and also time scales can range from a week to up to 6 weeks for the account to active.

Benefit Entitlements

Guests are encouraged to make an application to the Department of Works and Pension ( DWP) on arrival. We appreciate that some guests arriving in this area want to find employment and may not want to make a claim however to assist financially during this period or if guests are unable to work please follow guidance below:


National Insurance Numbers if the customer presents for support at the Job Centre and doesn’t have a National Insurance Number (NINO) then DWP front of house support staff will be able to apply for the customer as part of their claim to Universal Credit.

Employment Rights

DWP have gathered information for those looking to secure employment in our area and the employment rights of the guests.

The government have developed a web site with the relevant information for both employees and employers:

Offer work to people who have come to the UK from Ukraine - GOV.UK (

Welcome Pack

The Government have created a Welcome Pack and guide for those guests arriving in the Country and additional guides for hosts, this has a large amount of information to help both parties.

There is also National web site for frequently asked questions about the scheme, however please note that information is changing and being updated on regular basis as the situation changes: