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Trees can either be protected by a tree preservation order (TPO) or because they are within a conservation area. If this is the case, you need permission from the council before you can carry out any work.

Apply to carry out work to a protected tree  

Use our mapping tool to see if a tree is protected. You can download a copy of the order from here.

You may wish to discuss your needs with an arborist or tree surgeon before contacting us. It may be worthwhile discussing your proposals with us informally before you complete the form.

Early discussion gives us the chance to:

• explore whether the work is exempt from the need to apply/notify
• advise on how best to present your proposals
• guide you through the process and our tree protection policies

When applying you must give specific details regarding the works to the tree(s). Where necessary we can refer a vague or ambiguous application back to the applicant and ask for clarification. Any necessary minor clarification should be confirmed in writing by the applicant either in a separate letter or by modifying the original application. For significant changes that alter the nature of a proposal, for example where consent is sought for felling instead of pruning, the applicant should withdraw the original application and submit a new one.

To be valid, an application for works to trees covered by a Tree Preservation Order must:

• be made to us on the standard application form published by the secretary of state and available on the Planning Portal website or from us
• include the information required by the form (the guidance notes for the standard form help applicants provide the necessary information)
• be accompanied by a location plan which clearly identifies the tree or trees on which work is proposed and should identify main features of property affected by the application
• be accompanied by such information as is necessary to clearly specify the work for which consent is sought
• state the reasons for making the application
• be accompanied, as applicable, by appropriate evidence describing any structural damage to property or in relation to tree health or safety

Further information about this type of application is available on the Planning Portal.