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The following items are needed for all applications

• Application form
• Location plan (scale 1:2500 or 1:1250) with site outlined in red
• Proposed elevations to a scale of 1:15 or 1:100
• Proposed floor plans to a scale of 1:50 or 1:100
• Block plan (scale 1:500) or site plan (scale 1:200) – if the proposal will alter or create a new building footprint
• Wildlife trigger list and any associated report
• Flood risk assessment if site is in flood zone two or three or in flood zone one which is a critical drainage area

Additional information for class Q applications.

The regulations allow the request of further information, which may include:

• structural appraisals or other reports relating to the building operations proposed
• assessments of risks or impacts, for example land contamination report
• statements setting out how impacts or risks are to be mitigated, for example a decontamination strategy
• wildlife survey work

It is strongly recommended that if building works are required, the application is accompanied by a suitable structural appraisal as detailed in the sections above. It is likely that this will be requested by us in any event to ensure the proposal accords with national guidance.