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You can watch this video from RingGo or follow the instructions below.

Please note that confirmation and reminder text messages are charged (by RingGo) at 10p per message. These messages can be stopped if you do not wish to receive them.

Log into your RingGo account, go to ‘Account’ and then ‘Notifications’ where you can switch off/on any notifications.

How to park using the RingGo app

To use the RingGo app to park, simply follow these instructions:

1.   Search for ‘RingGo’ in the market place. The app is free of charge so simply download and install!
2.   Open the RingGo app

Logging In/Logging Out

3.  You will see a screen with a number of different options. Tap ‘Book Now’
4.  Login using your mobile number and PIN / password or the last 4 digits of your payment card. If you haven’t yet joined RingGo, you can sign up by clicking the link to register
5.  After successfully logging in, you’re taken back to the Home screen

Finding the zone you want to park in

6.  If you are an existing user and wish to park at a previous location, tap the ‘Sessions’ tab. This will load a list of previous sessions
7.  To book the same as a previous session, simply tap ‘Park again’ for that session. All details for the selected session (including vehicle and location) will then be offered
8.  If you want to park at a different location altogether, select ‘Book Now’ from the Home screen. You can then search from here by location code, location description or finding parking near you (GPS). List of RingGo car park codes in North Devon.
9.  RingGo will now return results based on your search. Select your location from the results displayed and then the relevant option between book parking or to view the location on a map
10.  If you want to view the location geographically on a map, select map from the Home screen instead of parking (see map instructions below)


11.  If you selected ‘Park again’ or ‘Book Parking’ on the desired location code you will be taken to the booking form
12.  Drag the slider bar to select the duration you want. Tariff information can be displayed by tapping 'Prices' in the top right corner
13.  Select the vehicle you want to park or enter a new vehicle from the option below the duration slider. Your preferred or last parked vehicle will be set automatically unless changed
14.  Tap ‘Next’ which will take you to the payment page. If advanced parking is offered at your selected location you will be asked whether you wish to park now or in advance (which require the date and start time of when you want parking to begin)
15.  The payment page will show for you to confirm - location, vehicle, duration, session end time and cost. The payment card that is on your account will also be shown. Tap the card if you want to change it
16.  Enter your three digit CV2 (security) code in the displayed box below card selection
17.  Tap ‘Pay for parking to start now’ to submit payment
18.  When the payment is successful you will see a pop up message stating, ‘Your parking session for vehicle XXXX has been paid for PRICE and will expire on DATE at TIME.’
19.  If you get either an error message or blank screen at this point instead of confirmation, tap back twice to take you to the ‘Sessions’ page. Pull down the list to refresh the page and determine if payment was successful. Any successful session creation will show in this list. Where the RingGo app relies on an internet connection then this can sometimes be lost if you are in a poor coverage area at the time of use!

Park using the map

20.  The GPS locator will locate your position and show you the map screen with the nearest location selected, remember that you can pinch to zoom in or out on the map, to see how far away the parking location is
21.  Your own location is represented by the blue pin, nearby RingGo locations are identified with a purple pin
22.  To park or see more information about that location, tap the green ‘Go’ icon next to the location description
23.  This will then take you to step 13 above

Permit Parking (only currently available to iPhone and Android users)

24.  If you hold a Council based RingGo Permit you will be offered the option to park using the relevant permit or purchase a standard RingGo session when selecting the ‘Book Now’ form
25.  After selecting the relevant option or having purchased a permit and using ‘Park again’ from the ‘Sessions’ page, this will then take you to step 13 above
26.  Permit parking via the app is not currently available to Rail, Ferry and Private Operators and you will need to continue making these purchases online only


27.  The ‘Sessions’ page will display all future, current and expired bookings up to your last 20 RingGo sessions. Each session is categorised as follows:

Blue – a future session yet to begin; having been booked in advance

Green – a current active session. Time remaining on the session is also shown here

Red – the session has expired

In the event that you are experiencing performance or connection based issues with the RingGo app at the time of use, payment can still be made at this point with RingGo by calling the automated payment line on 020 3046 0010 for permit bookings.


Online Security

Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standard Level 1

RingGo's parent company, PARK NOW Ltd, is one of the UK parking industry's largest processors of credit and debit card payments. Information captured during RingGo operations, is encrypted and held in accordance with the highest levels of security.

The processes and procedures used by PARK NOW Ltd have been accredited by independent assessors on behalf of the payment card industry. This is known as PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standard) accreditation and all aspects of our UK operations have been accredited to PCI-DSS Level 1. This Europe-wide standard is the highest and most rigorous level of accreditation any UK-based card processing organisation can attain.

Data protection

The security features of the RingGo infrastructure ensure that the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 are met in full. This means that strict confidentiality is maintained over all information stored and processed about our clients, and card details are always kept safe.

All user data is held onshore in the United Kingdom and is not passed into foreign jurisdictions for processing.

The safety of your personal details 

padlock  Wherever you see this icon, you'll be in a secure section of the RingGo web site.

When you use RingGo online you want your personal details and your credit or debit card information to be private and secure. They are committed to providing this security for you.


Their secure-server software encrypts all the details in your online transaction. The encryption process takes the characters you enter and converts them into a coded form, which is then securely transmitted.

What this means for you:

  • Your details are secure

  • Your details are safely transmitted to us

  • Your details will be held securely by us


If you have problems using their secure system, it may be that your browser does not support their encryption system. In this case, contact your browser provider (eg. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer) for further advice or alternatively contact RingGo instead.