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North Devon public toilets

Report a problem with a public toilet

North Devon Council maintains toilet blocks across the district. For details see:

Opening times

Most council maintained toilets are open from 7.00 am to 6.00 pm, subject to the cleaning rota. Some of the toilets are open 24 hours a day. During the winter (November to April) some cubicles or facilities may be closed.

Cleaning and maintenance

We clean the toilets regularly to ensure a high standard of cleanliness. The team also regularly monitors the toilets for damage relating to vandalism, aiming to sort out any problems quickly.

We will always try to keep the toilets open during our cleaning and monitoring. However, if there is vandalism, we may need to close part of a toilet or the whole facility whilst we carry out repairs.

If you want to report any damage or problems with a toilet, please contact us.

Other toilets

Other toilets are maintained by parish or local community groups. We are working to publish details of these toilets shortly.

Disabled access

We are always looking for ways to improve public toilet facilities. Most of our toilets have disabled facilities. We also support the RADAR Scheme, the RADAR website sells individual RADAR keys or contact:
Disability Rights UK
12 City Forum
250 City Road

Telephone: 020 7250 8181
Fax: 020 7250 0212
Text Phone: 020 7250 4119

Our public toilets

All of the following toilets are being opened as standard, with the exception of the bus station toilet, which is remaining closed during lockdown as it is multiple occupancy.