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What is Voi?

Voi is the fastest-growing European micro-mobility operator working with Europe’s cities to offer efficient, affordable transportation solutions, including e-scooters. Founded in 2018, Voi currently operates in 50+ cities in 11 countries. To date, Voi has served 35 million rides and has over 6 million regular users.

What are the main benefits of e-scooters?

  • provide a socially distanced, outdoor mode of transport
  • provide convenient, affordable and flexible travel for point-to-point journeys
  • lower environmental footprint, with huge potential to improve air quality and reduce climate change

How long will e-scooters be in North Devon?

The trial in North Devon will start with a long term rental scheme, available exclusively to students and staff at Petroc College. The students and staff will be able to start applying for a long term rental e-scooter from the 31st of March 2021 and the scooters will arrive in the Campus to be collected on the week of the 10 May. 

The e-scooter trial in the North Devon region will end in November 2022.

What are the benefits of long term rental e-scooters?

Long-term rentals offer users a practical, flexible and cost-effective alternative for riders who want to use the scooter daily as their main mode of transport.

What happens at the end of the trial?

After assessment and pending approval from the Department of Transport (DfT) to legalise rental e-scooter schemes long term, areas will have the opportunity to broker contracts with e-scooter operators.

How many long term rental e-scooters is Voi planning on renting out?

At this moment we don’t have an exact number as this will depend on the number of registered users interested in renting a scooter.

We look forward to making our scooters available to those who enroll and qualify for the long term rental.

What are the requirements to rent a long term rental scooter?

In order to be able to rent a scooter, riders will need:

  • valid driving licence or provisional licence
  • to be at least 16 years old
  • have a personal debit or credit card (under 18 will require parent or guardian consent AND authorisation to take payment from parent’s or guardian’s debit or credit card)
  • agree to Voi’s user terms and conditions and having an active Voi user account
  • to be a student or staff member at Petroc College – this will be checked at point of issue

E-scooters are classed as motorised vehicles and riders of authorised trial e-scooters must hold a full or provisional driving licence. Any non-compliant behaviour (for example dangerous riding, drunk riding) will result in fines, immediate suspension of your account and points can be added to your driving licence. You may also be reported to the local police.

If you are a student do you need parental consent in order to ride a Voi scooter?

Students under 18 years old will be asked to provide a parental / guardian consent form when applying for the Voi long term rental scooter.

How can customers register their interest in the long term rentals?

Customers interested in signing up for a long term rental can register their interest via the Voi website. The Voi team will contact the customer with further instructions on how to apply for a long term rental.

How long can you rent a scooter for?

You can rent a scooter for a minimum period of one month. The long term rental subscription will automatically renew unless the user informs Voi that they wish to cancel. 

Payment will be taken automatically on a rolling calendar month basis.

Should the user wish to cancel at any time, they can contact at least 10 calendar days before the end of the current calendar month. Otherwise, the user will be charged for the following month. Following cancellation, the user will have to drop the scooter at the Voi/Petroc hub to validate the end of the rental.

How much will it cost to rent a scooter as part of this new long term rental?

It will cost £35 per month (VAT included).

What payment methods does Voi offer?

Payments can be made via a Visa, Mastercard and Paypal (monthly withdrawal). The payment is made via the Voi app where the user will have to include their card details (or parent's or guardian's payment details for customers under 18 years old).

How do riders start using an e-scooter?

After having successfully completed the application process for a long term rental scooter, the user needs to download the Voi app from the App Store or Google Play to create an account and upload their driving licence.

Voi advises new riders to select the option ‘beginners mode’, which will reduce the scooter speed until the user feels comfortable using the scooter.

How will users receive the e-scooter?

After the application has been approved and processed the users will be able to collect the scooter from reception at Petroc College.

Where will the students or staff members pick up the scooter?

Scooters will be picked up from Petroc. After the registration process is approved, users will receive an email with a date and more information on where they can pick up the scooter.

Where can I ride the Voi long term rental e-scooter?

Students and staff from Petroc College will be able to ride the Voi e-scooter during the rental period in the designated area that has been agreed by us together with Petroc and Voi. This area can be seen on the map visible in the Voi-app. Certain roads (deemed as not safe) are excluded so you should check carefully before you commit to a rental.

Can I share a Voi rental e-scooter with a friend?

No, that is a breach of Voi's user terms and conditions.  The long term rental contract is established between Voi and a specific user - the scooters is associated with this person’s personal information - and only this person is permitted to ride the e-scooter. Users who breach Voi's terms and conditions may have their account suspended or permanently deactivated.  

Can users sub-rent their long term rental e-scooter?

Sub-rental or lending of an e-scooter is a breach of Voi's user terms and conditions. The Long Term Rental agreement is established between Voi and a specific user - who has to be over 16 and have at least a provisional driving licence - and this the only person who can ride the Voi e-scooter. Users who breach Voi's terms and conditions may have their account suspended or permanently deactivated.

Can individuals use a long term rental scooter for employment purposes, such as takeaway or parcel delivery?

No - this is a breach of Voi's terms and conditions. The long term rentals are for private/personal use only. Users who breach Voi's terms and conditions may have their account suspended or permanently deactivated.

Voi recommends riders use scooters in a safe manner, avoiding any situations that can put the rider or other road users’ safety at risk, for instance, carrying items that might impede the user’s ability to ride the scooter safely.

What will users be provided with upon the e-scooter collection?

A Voi V3X e-scooter, a Voi helmet, an instructional booklet, two home-chargers and a physical lock. Users will also get access to Voi's 24/7 customer support service (

What e-scooter model will be used? How can you differentiate this scooter from others?

Voi will be using its V3X scooter. 

Long term rental vehicles will be Voi branded, and they will have a black steering column.

V3X scooter specs

  • 60 months lifespan
  • Hydraulic double suspension for smoother rides
  • Triple-redundant brake system
  • 50% reduction in service emissions
  • 4G connection
  • Display with zones and availability status
  • Dual kickstand
  • Phone holder for easier city navigation
  • Carrying hook
  • Swappable batteries
  • The scooter can be used for up to 60 miles on a full charge
  • Charging time - up to 8 hours

What happens to the vehicle at the end of the contract?

At the end of the contract the user will need to return the scooter, the charger and the lock to Petroc College.

What is the maximum speed of a Voi e-scooter?

Speeds are capped at 15.5 mph, per UK regulation. However, we will be capping the speed of the long term rental scooters at 12.5mph for the initial launch in North Devon. Voi will review the speed limit in the first few weeks and months of the program. Voi recommend new riders use beginners mode (reduced speed) to familiarise themselves with the scooter.

The scooters will be geofenced and bound to the predefined North Devon specific area, which will include  no riding and slow riding zones. When the scooter enters a slow zone the speed will be reduced to 5mph and if a user enters a no ride zone the e-scooters will slowly stop.

What is the maximum weight that a Voi e-scooter can carry?

Voi e-scooters can carry a maximum of 100 kg (16 stone).


How can someone ride a Voi e-scooter safely?

Voi believes in pushing safety through rider education. New riders can earn credits from completing modules of the Ride Like Voila traffic school, which they can find in the app under the ‘Safety toolkit’. To date, more than 500,000 users have completed the school. Voi also offers regular online safety webinars that users can join for free. To find out more please visit their Eventbrite event page

Riders can also learn important tips from the Voi app, website, email communications and upcoming safety training events. 

E-scooters are classified as motor vehicles so riders need to follow the Highway Code. It is illegal to ride on pavements and there should be only one rider per scooter. Voi advises users to wear a helmet while riding an e-scooter and keep vigilant of their surroundings.

Where can I ride my long term rental Voi e-scooter?

Safety remains the top priority for e-scooter usage. Regulations allow e-scooters to use the same road spaces as bikes, including cycle lanes. A trial e-scooter may be used on the road (except motorways) and in cycle lanes within the approved trial - which users can see on the map visible in-app.

Riding on pavements is strictly prohibited. There are offences and penalties for using an e-scooter illegally. Users can be fined up to £300 and have six points added to their driving licence. Voi employs a variety of measures to identify misuse and users who don’t comply with the e-scooter usage guidelines will have their account permanently blocked.

Can the user ride the scooter on the pavement?

Riding on the pavement is illegal. Voi advises users to complete their free online traffic school, Ride Like Voila and attend one of Voi’s online safety webinars, where users can learn more about the e-scooter regulations and how to safely ride an e-scooter.

Please note: you are NOT permitted to ride an e-scooter on the Tarka Trail.

Riding under the influence of alcohol and drugs

As with driving a car, users should never drive a scooter while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The penalties that apply for breach of these laws while driving a car also apply equally to e-scooters (they are classed as motor vehicles in the UK), including licence points, loss of licence, fines and criminal prosecution.

Voi has developed an in-app reaction-time test that is activated during certain hours of the day when people are more likely to be out drinking. Voi advises riders to take this test if they are uncertain about their cognitive capacities. The test aims to educate users on why drunk riding is unsafe (impacts reflexes, balance, overall judgement), and to encourage users to consider alternative modes of transport if they get poor results in the cognitive test.

Rental e-scooters are classified as motor vehicles and therefore the same traffic rules apply to e-scooter drivers.

What is Voi doing to ensure e-scooter safety?

Safety is the number one priority. Voi is continually working with its partner cities and regions to assess and improve services. In the UK, Voi is introducing new measures to ensure safe riding:

  • incentivise education
  • introduce clear number plates on e-scooters to help identify rogue riders
  • giving away free helmets to long term rental users
  • incentivising good riding and parking behaviour, such as through our helmet-selfie, end ride photo features
  • introduce greater deterrents to unsafe riding
  • block users who are abusing the licensing rules

Note: Anyone caught using e-scooters illegally could face criminal proceedings. For misuse, six points could be added to a user’s driving licence.

Does Voi ban users for flouting regulations?

Voi takes riding safely and legally very seriously. If Voi receives a confirmed report of an offence from the police, then Voi will always seek to take action against the rider responsible, such as issuing a warning or permanently removing the user from the service. To do this, Voi will ask the police for supporting information, including the date, time, and place of the offence, and, if possible, the scooter’s reference code.

Will riders need to wear a helmet?

Helmets are not mandatory, but Voi advises all users to wear one, just as one might when cycling. Users who sign up for the Voi long term rental e-scooter will receive a free helmet that they should use when riding the e-scooter.

Do I need to wear high visibility or protective clothing?

No, you are not required to wear high visibility or protective clothing, however, it is strongly recommended that you wear suitable clothing that can be easily seen by other road users. 

Can users ride e-scooters in the dark?

Yes. Voi e-scooters are equipped with both front and rear lights, as well as a bell, to aid in e-scooter visibility for the rider and other road users. Voi has assembled a list of advice and tips for riding at night on its blog.

How can riders keep safe from coronavirus when using an e-scooter?

Since e-scooters operate in the open air, they are a much safer choice for commuters than other forms of public transport at this time. Voi scooters are fitted with handlebars made of a  material that inhibits the transmission of viruses and bacteria, thus offering antibacterial, bactericidal and antiviral protection. Voi is also providing COVID-19 information and advice via its app.

Where can riders find out more information about safety?

Safety is Voi’s top priority, and there are many resources available to riders. Voi recommends all users complete Ride Like Voila, its online traffic school or attend one of the free online safety webinars. Voi regularly sends users safety information via its app, and publishes regular safety content on the blog and social media.

There is also a comprehensive FAQ on the Voi website that includes safety information. If a user has specific questions, they can contact support at

What should a rider do if they have an accident?

User safety should always be addressed first. If a user is involved in an accident involving a Voi scooter, they should contact the police on 101 or, if needed, emergency services on 999.

The user should then contact Voi via or the 24-hour customer service helpline 0800 376 8179 with as many details as possible about the incident and the associated police report number.

Parking and Geofencing

Can LTR scooters be used outside the geofenced zone?

No, the scooters can only be used within the predefined and geofenced operating area in North Devon - see map.

This area includes no ride areas (if a user enters this area the scooter will slowly slow down until it gets to halt) and slow ride areas, these are areas where the e-scooter speed will slow down to approximately 5mph or walking speed.

Can a long term rental Voi e-scooter be parked anywhere within the North Devon operating area?

Long term rental users are exempt from mandatory parking zones. Users should always lock and park them responsibly. The e-scooter should never block pathways, accessibility ramps, driveways, crosswalks, or cars. We advise users to park on a section of pavement or other designated parking areas unobtrusive to pedestrians (especially vulnerable road users, such as those with visual or mobility impairments, children, and the elderly).

Are e-scooters permitted on trains and buses?

No, e-scooters are not allowed on public transport.

Scooter maintenance

Who will do the scooter maintenance?

Voi will ensure scheduled maintenance and replace the scooter with a new one if the user reports any issues before the scheduled service.

Will users receive training on how to maintain the scooter?

Safety is our top priority. Voi will be providing users with a detailed manual on how to use and maintain the scooter to ensure the vehicle is safe to use. In addition, users can check the long term rental dedicated page, where they will find additional information on how to maintain and charge the scooter. They can also contact the Voi support team 24/7 if they have any additional questions via

Will users have to pay for their scooter maintenance?

No, this will be included in their fee.

What will happen if the vehicle breaks during the rental period?

We want to ensure that riders are safe and have the best possible experience with our scooters. If the vehicle is not working the user will need to inform as soon as possible and provide information on the issue so a collection date. After informing the Voi support team, the rider will be able to pick another scooter from Petroc.

If, for any reason, the scooter stops working whilst being used, the rider is responsible for taking the scooter to safe location where it can be parked without causing obstruction to other road users or pedestrians, lock it with the lock provided by Voi and communicate the situation to, so Voi can arrange the scooter collection. However, if the scooter is faulty but still works, the user is advised to bring the scooter back to Petroc college and contact in order to arrange a replacement.

Who is liable if the e-scooter is lost or stolen?

Situations of loss or theft will be thoroughly investigated by Voi. Under their user terms and conditions, Voi has the right to take any action they deem appropriate in order to recover a lost or stolen vehicle. Depending on the circumstances, they may involve local police and our insurers to investigate the loss or theft. 

Users should follow Voi’s Terms and Conditions (section 1.7) as well as guidance on how to store, lock and park the scooter correctly. 

If investigations conclude that a user is responsible for the loss or theft, the user may be liable for the loss incurred (including compensation up to the replacement value of the scooter).

Battery charging

How long can the scooter be used before it needs to be charged?

The scooter can be used for up to 60 on a full charge.

How often does the scooter need to be charged?

The scooter battery level should never go under 10% (the battery level is displayed on the app). If the scooter battery goes under 10%, the ride will end, the back wheel will lock automatically, and the scooter will not be in ‘ready’ state anymore. If it happens, the user will have to charge the scooter and ask the support ( to make the scooter “ready” again when charged.

How can the users charge the batteries?

Voi will be providing detailed information on how to safely charge the battery in the long term rental user manual.

Users will be provided with two three-pin battery chargers, and they will easily charge the battery by plugging it in to charge. Users should only charge the scooters using Voi’s chargers, and they can use any standard three-pin power outlet.

Can I charge my scooter at Petroc College?

Staff e-scooters will be charged at Petroc College. 

Students who sign up for a Voi long term rental e-scooter will be able to take their scooters home with them and they will have to charge their vehicles at home.

Upon the vehicle delivery, Voi will provide the users with information on how to charge the scooter and two home-chargers that they can use. Users will also get access to our 24/7 customer support service (

Is it safe for users to charge the scooter at home?

Safety is the number one priority. Voi will ensure riders have all the required information to safely charge the scooter at home, including a user manual that they will receive when they get the scooter. On this landing page, users will find information on how to use, maintain and charge the scooter at home, including illustrative videos, and access to our support team on  24/7 that can clarify any other questions they may have.


Are LTR users covered by insurance?

In accordance with the Department for Transport (DfT) and UK legal requirements, Voi maintains motor third party liability insurance for long term rental riders. In addition to DfT and legal requirements, Voi is also proud to maintain personal accident insurance. These insurance covers are automatically included on every Voi ride in the UK at no additional cost to our users.

In addition to the insurance covering our riders, Voi maintains public and product liability insurance.


Are e-scooters really good for the environment?

Transport is Europe’s largest greenhouse gas emissions source, and air pollution levels exceed safe levels in many European cities. Like other electric vehicles, e-scooters can help limit transport emissions and reduce congestion in cities. The UK is particularly suitable for e-scooters because 60% of car trips here are for one to three mile journeys. Improvements to e-scooters, which now last a minimum of 60 months, meaning that each scooter’s lifecycle cost is 71% lower than it was when the last major assessment was done in California two years ago.

How sustainable are Voi’s e-scooters?

Voi’s e-scooters are a safe, sustainable choice of transportation. They are zero-emissions vehicles.

Shared e-scooters are an important catalyst for people to leave their cars behind when travelling in dense urban areas.

With a lifespan of five years or more, e-scooters have a carbon dioxide footprint of only 18q CO2 eg. per passenger per kilometre. By contrast, for a car it is more than 120 per person per kilometre.

Voi scooters are equipped with swappable batteries, a game-changer for green operations, because the batteries can be changed on the spot rather than transporting entire scooters back and forth to Voi’s warehouses. This allows for greener operations, with fewer service trips for charging and deploying scooters. The batteries can also be transported by lighter electric vehicles, such as cargo bikes, which are charged via renewable energy.

Voi has also pledged to recycle scooter parts wherever possible and recycle all materials used in the vehicles.

What is the carbon footprint of one long term rental e-scooter?

Considering the current Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) conducted by Ernst and Young, according to ISO-14001 standards for our pay-as-you-go service, the carbon footprint of Voi's long term rental scooter should be lower for several reasons:

  • as users charge scooters, there is no need for the Voi teams to swap batteries and transport batteries to charging hubs
  • Voi expect LTR scooters to be used less intensely and more carefully compared to our shared scooters. Therefore, the need for spare parts for repairs should be lower and lifespan longer

As for their shared service, Voi will mandate an independent LCA of their long-term rental service to understand its carbon footprint.


How can I report a misplaced scooter or an instance of misuse?

Voi has a reporting page where you can report any issues related to e-scooters and provide a comment or suggestion: To help us identify the scooter, it is helpful to provide the four digit scooter ID that is visible on the scooter.