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In a letter aimed at landlords, the Minister of State for Housing, Rt Hon Christopher Pincher MP says allowing fresh air into indoor spaces can help remove air that contains particles of the COVID-19 virus.

Poorly ventilated rooms can allow air continuing the virus to build up, increasing the risk of it spreading.

Good ventilation also helps reduce condensation, dampness, mould and fungal growth and dust mites.

The letter says landlords should:

  • ensure that all habitable rooms have functioning openable windows
  • make sure that all bathrooms/kitchens have either functioning openable windows and/or (preferably both) appropriate functioning extract ventilation
  • consider installing positive pressure or constant run systems to ensure there is adequate background ventilation and ensure any such systems are operating effectively
  • provide tenants with clear instructions so they understand how to operate ventilation and heating systems so that they can maintain healthy and economic balance of heating, ventilation and moisture within their home
  • investigate and address promptly any problems with damp

The letter goes on to remind landlords that if tenants are having difficulty with the cost of heating their homes, they should advise them to visit the Simple Energy Advice website or call their helpline on 0800 444202, for information about the help that is available.

Ofgem can also provide advice for people struggling to pay their energy bills.

Also, the letter reminds landlords that depending on their tenants’ circumstances, they may also be eligible for support through:

You can read the full letter from the Minister of State for Housing here.