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We have put together a range of posters for you to download and use as you wish. If you are looking for a topic which isn't listed below, contact us - and we will be happy to create one to add to the collection. 


Dog fouling poster - we're not messing about and neither should you

Dog fouling poster - bag it and bin it 

Dog fouling poster - don't be mean, keep our beaches clean

Dog fouling poster - your dog, your responsibility

Dog control poster - Did you know it's a criminal offence to allow your dog to worry or attack sheep?

Dog control poster - Did you know dog owners can face fines of up to £1000 as well as a jail term of six months if their dog is caught off-lead around farms and worrying livestock?

Microchip poster - £500 if your dog isn't microchipped

Microchip poster - thousands of dogs are unable to be reunited with their owners because their tag and chip details are not up to date


Litter poster - carry off what you carry on

Litter poster - don't throw our beautiful environment away

Litter poster - if you can't bin it, take it home

Litter poster - plan ahead for the waste you create. Take a bag to take home your rubbish

Litter pick poster - look after where you live, be a litter hero


Flytipping poster - check who you pay to take your rubbish away

Flytipping poster - dispose of your rubbish responsibly

Slytipping poster - disposing of your rubbish on top of or beside a bin is slytipping. If the bin is full, please take it home


General protection poster - let's protect our beautiful district (beach)

General protection poster - let's protect our beautiful district (woodland and fields)


Statutory nuisance poster - please be considerate of your neighbours