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Please use the links below to view the Statement of Persons Nominated and Notices of Uncontested Elections for that area.

Statement of Persons Nominated

District Wards

Barnstaple Central (pdf 188KB)
Barnstaple with Pilton (pdf 186KB)
Barnstaple with Westacott (pdf 190KB)
Bickington (pdf 185KB)
Bishops Nympton (pdf 184KB)
Bratton Fleming (pdf 185KB)
Braunton East (pdf 186KB)
Braunton West and Georgeham (pdf 186KB)
Chittlehampton (pdf 184KB)
Chulmleigh (pdf 185KB)
Combe Martin (pdf 183KB)
Fremington (pdf 185KB)
Heanton Punchardon (pdf 184KB)
Ilfracombe East (pdf 186KB)
Ilfracombe West (pdf 188KB)
Instow (pdf 187KB)
Landkey (pdf 185KB)
Lynton and Lynmouth (pdf 185KB)
Marwood (pdf 179KB)
Mortehoe (pdf 183KB)
Newport (pdf 187KB)
North Molton (pdf 185KB)
Roundswell (pdf 184KB)
South Molton (pdf 189KB)
Witheridge (pdf 184KB)


Ashford (pdf 185KB)
Barnstaple (Central Town) (pdf 185KB)
Barnstaple (Forches) (pdf 187KB)
Barnstaple (Newport) (pdf 188KB)
Barnstaple (Pilton and Yeo Valley) (pdf 189KB)
Braunton East (pdf 187KB)
East Down (pdf 184KB)

Notices of Uncontested Elections

District Wards

Marwood (pdf 5KB)


Arlington (pdf 6KB)
Atherington (pdf 6KB)
Barnstaple (Fort Hill) (pdf 6KB)
Barnstaple (Longbridge) (pdf 5KB)
Barnstaple (Victoria) (pdf 5KB)
Berrynarbor (pdf 6KB)
Bishops Nympton (pdf 7KB)
Bishops Tawton (pdf 7KB)
Bratton Fleming (pdf 6KB)
Braunton West (pdf 7KB)
Brayford (pdf 7KB)
Brendon & Countisbury (pdf 69KB)
Burrington (pdf 7KB)
Chittlehamholt (pdf 6KB)
Chittlehampton (pdf 8KB)
Chulmleigh (pdf 6KB)
Combe Martin (pdf 8KB)
East & West Buckland - East Buckland (pdf 6KB)
East & West Buckland - West Buckland (pdf 6KB)
East Anstey (pdf 6KB)
East Worlington (pdf 6KB)
Filleigh (pdf 6KB)
Fremington and Yelland (pdf 6KB)
Fremington (Anchorwood) (pdf 5KB)
Fremington (Bickington) (pdf 7KB)
George Nympton (pdf 6KB)
Georgeham (pdf 7KB)
Goodleigh (pdf 6KB)
Goodleigh (Gunn) (pdf 5KB)
Heanton Punchardon (pdf 7KB)
Horwood, Lovacott & Newton Tracey - Lovacott (pdf 6KB)
Horwood, Lovacott & Newton Tracey - Newton Tracey (pdf 6KB)
Ilfracombe East (pdf 7KB)
Ilfracombe West (pdf 7KB)
Instow (pdf 6KB)
Kentisbury (pdf 67KB)
Kings Nympton (pdf 7KB)
Knowstone (pdf 6KB)
Landkey (pdf 6KB)
Loxhore (pdf 6KB)
Lynton and Lynmouth (pdf 8KB)
Marwood (pdf 7KB)
Molland (pdf 7KB)
Mortehoe (pdf 7KB)
North Molton (pdf 7KB)
Parracombe (pdf 6KB)
Pilton West (pdf 6KB)
Queens Nympton (pdf 5KB)
Rackenford (pdf 7KB)
Rackenford Creacombe (pdf 5KB)
Romansleigh (pdf 6KB)
Rose Ash (pdf 7KB)
Satterleigh and Warkleigh (pdf 5KB)
Shirwell (pdf 6KB)
South Molton (pdf 8KB)
Swimbridge (pdf 6KB)
Tawstock Northern Urban (pdf 6KB)
Tawstock Rural (pdf 6KB)
Tawstock Southern Rural (pdf 6KB)
West Down (pdf 6KB)
Westleigh (pdf 6KB)
Witheridge (pdf 6KB)

Notices of Uncontested Elections with Zero Nominations

Fremington (Maple) (pdf 4KB)
Fremington (Roundswell & Woodville) (pdf 4KB)
Horwood Lovacott & Newtown Tracey Horwood (pdf 4KB)
Trentishoe (pdf 4KB)

Inquorate Parishes - these elections will be re-run within 35 days of 4 May 2023

Brendon & Countisbury