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List of datasets
TitleDescriptionPublishedDownloadFile typeFile Size (bytes)Reviewed
Flytipping: Number of reported fly-tipping incidents to the Council and associated costs This dataset provides this information for each calendar year from 2011 to and including 2020. May 12 2021 Flytipping incidents and costs 2011 - 2020.csv csv 688 Yearly
Noise and Odour complaints received by Environmental Health between 6 January 2010 and 31 December 2020 This dataset provides the following details of each complaint regarding noise and/or odour smell made to Environmental Health, for the period 6 January 2010 and 31 December 2020: Location, Date Received, Complaint Related to, Step Action date, Step Action and Outcome. Feb 3 2021 cpeh Noise and Odour complaints 06 01 10 - 31 12 20.csv csv 4789824 Yearly
Seizure of stray dogs and banned dogs by breed - 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 The data for 2019 will be published in May 2020. May 29 2019 Seizure stray and banned dog by breed 2014 - 2018.csv csv 2113 Yearly
Community Triggers Anti-Social Behaviour Case Review The Community Trigger enables victims to require agencies to carry out a review of their response to the anti-social behaviour they reported, where they feel they did not received a satisfactory response. Jul 8 2021 Community Triggers - 1 Oct 2014 - 31 Mar 21.csv csv 687 Yearly
Public Health Funerals Public Health Funerals Sep 28 2021 Public Health Act Funerals-FoI List - 28th September 2021.csv csv 23099 Monthly
LAPPC (Part A2 and Part B Permits) - Public Register LAPPC - Prescribed Processes Table Jul 13 2021 Prescribed Processes Table for Web July 2021.csv csv 9397 Yearly
Cooling towers and evaporative condensers Feb 25 2021 Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condensers 2020.csv csv 360 Yearly
Dog fouling complaints received by the council, per calendar year Feb 18 2019 Dog Fouling Complaints Received Per Calendar Year.csv csv 346 Yearly
Dog fouling complaints received by the council, per financial year Feb 18 2019 Dog Fouling Complaints Received Per Financial Year.csv csv 357 Yearly

Open Government Licence

Unless otherwise stated, the data is licensed under the Open Government Licence. This means that you do not need permission to use or re-use the data.