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What we need

The linked table provides the detail of when the Council will collect information relating to staff in respect of Covid 19 testing.

This information will include the following personal data:

  • Name of the affected staff member
  • A copy of the Covid 19 test results of the affected staff member (which generally includes the contact mobile number and date of birth of the affected staff member)

Purpose and lawful basis for processing

The processing of this data is one of the measures the Council is taking in response to Covid 19 and is primarily to enable the Council to comply with its health and safety obligations as an employer to ensure that staff are kept safe and to comply with government guidelines.

In addition to the above, the impact of infection with Covid 19 spreading in one or more of the Council's teams would severely impact on the Council's ability to deliver its statutory obligations and public law functions as a district council.  This is particularly the case with staff who need to physically attend work rather than those who are able to work from home all the time during the period of this pandemic.

Therefore lawful basis we rely on to process your personal data is as follows:

  • Article 6(1)(e) of the GDPR, which allows us to process personal data when this is necessary to perform our public tasks as a local authority - the Council is not legally required to process this personal data but if it does not do so then this will have a significant impact on the Council's ability to delivery its statutory obligations and public law functions. 

Covid 19 is a very specific health check to determine if an individual has this illness.  As such it constitutes health data which is treated as special category data under the GDPR.  The additional lawful basis we rely on to process such data is Article 9(2)(b) GDPR, along with Schedule 1 condition 1 of the Data Protection Act 2018. This applies due to employer health and safety obligations.

What we do with it


How long we keep it

For information about how long we hold personal data, see our Retention Schedule.

What are your rights?

We are acting pursuant to our public task you therefore have the right to object to our processing of your personal data. There are legitimate reasons why we may refuse your objection, which depend on why we are processing it. For more information on your rights see Your Rights.