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Increased actions on modified exhausts in South Molton and surrounding areas.

Closing date: 1 August 2017

Lead Petitioner: Johnathan Williams

Status: rejected

Petition: We the undersigned request greater action be taken to reduce the level of noise created in South Molton by people who modify their exhausts in such a way as to greatly increase the noise made by their car. We the undersigned recognise the anti-social implications of such actions, particularly when many of these exhausts are heard in the town between 11pm and 4am. We the undersigned recognise the illusion of speed his creates and therefore makes our roads appear a threatening place to be, whilst also aware that dangerous speed is taking place to achieve such noise. We the undersigned recognise the law states 'every exhaust system and silencer shall be maintained in good and efficient working order and shall not be altered so as to increase the noise made by the escape of exhaust gases'. Therefore, we the undersigned recognise that this antisocial behaviour in the town goes beyond a severe nuisance and to a law breaking action that should be dealt with as such.

Background information: Living on one of the main roads in South Molton, I am plagued by the noises of deliberately modified exhausts which have the sole purpose of giving an illusion of power, and merely adds many decibels to their car. I am woken almost every night, by cars screaming through the town's roads, revving highly as possible without a moment's thought to people trying to sleep. Sometimes, the car noise is so great, vibrations set off car and shop alarms, only adding to the noise. The law is quite clear, as stated above, and of course, in times of austerity, police enforcement is tricky. But I know there are countless people in the town also furious at the amount of noise created by these cars. I have deliberately not used the term 'boy racer' as I feel this is an unfair target of both age and gender, when actually it does not appear to be just young males. Please sign to create awareness of this growing issue.

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