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Changing Places

Closing date: 15 May 2012

Lead Petitioner: Miss Suzanne Tucker

Status: paper petition - decision

Petition: We, the undersigned...provide a changing places toilet in the centre of Barnstaple for the people of North Devon and its many visitors.

Background information: We need the type of toilet because changing places toilets are needed by people with profound and multiple learning disabilities, their families and carers. But there are many other people who may have similar needs. In fact, anyone who has a physical disability and condition that means they need personal support to manage their continence may needs changing needs toilets. For example, some people have had a severe stroke, some people with acquired head injuries, people with incontinence and some frail and elderly people. The number of people with complex disabilities is growing and we are all living longer meaning many more people are likely to need access to changing places toilets in the future. Standard accessible toilets (disabled toilets) do not meet needs of all people with a disability or their carers. Many people with disabilities or incontinence need someone to support them to use the toilets or require the use of a height adjustable changing bench where a carer can safely change their continence pad. They also need a hoisting system so that they can be helped to transfer safely from their wheelchair to the toilet or changing bench. Standard accessible toilets do not provide changing benches or hoists and most are too small for more than 1 person. This means that many people are unable to go out at all or if they are forced to risk their health and safety on a toilet floor. This is dangerous, unhygienic and undignified. Paid carers are legally not allowed to attempt this meaning that many people are unable to take part in activities enjoyed by others.

Number of signatories: 1415 (paper petition)

Current progress: As the petition contains over 1000 signatures it has been referred to Council to debate the issues in accordance with the Council's petition scheme. Council at its meeting on Wednesday 27th June 2012 agreed that the petition be referred to the Executive for consideration at its next meeting on 17th July 2012. The Executive at its meeting on 17th July 2012 recommended to Council the approval of funds to be released for the provision of a changing places facility at the Barnstaple Bus Station toilets. Full details of the decision can be found on the Council's website under "Council and Democracy" and "How Your Council Works".