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Say No to Losing our car park. Save our market town

Closing date: 28 May 2012

Lead Petitioner: Megan Poole

Status: paper petition - decision

Petition: We, the undersigned...say no to losing our car park. Save our market town.

Background information: The purpose of collecting the petition was to try to prevent any loss of car parking space in the central car park of South Molton. We believe that the car parking spaces are essential for the continued running of the weekly pannier markets held on Thursday and Saturday, as well as for all the shops in South Molton town. Concern arose amongst the market traders that if a supermarket was built on the central car park, there would be nowhere primarily for the traders to park all day or for our potential customers. Every Thursday and Saturday the car park is full to capacity and the loss of any car parking spaces will have a determinteal effect of our market town. The actions we would like to take is to retain the amount of car parking spaces which are available at present and at an affordable cost.

Number of signatories: 535 (paper petition)

Current progress: The petition will be considered by Council on 27 June 2012 for referral to the appropriate Committee or Executive meeting. Council at its meeting on 27th June 2012 agreed that following consideration of the request of the petition organiser Ms M. Poole, the petition be put on hold until such time that it was resubmitted to the Council.