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Fees under EIR

 Under EIR, the Council cannot charge for: 

  • allowing access to any public register; and
  • allowing any person to examine relevant information (at a location and time agreed by the council)

In all other instances, the council reserves the right to charge a fee for complying with requests for information under EIR.

Fees under FOI

The council will not normally make a charge for responding to the request for information under FOIA unless the cost of responding exceeds £450 based on  £25 per hour.

In those circumstances, the council can choose to either decline to respond to the request, or to do so only after payment of a fee.  The fee will be based on the time that the council estimates will be required to comply with the request and will be charged at £25 per hour.  The minimum fee would therefore be £450.

Communication Costs

The council may charge a fee where it estimates that the communication costs exceed £5.

Communication costs will be charged at the following rates:

(All costs quoted are for single sided printing and are inclusive of VAT)

Printing and Photocopying - pence per sheet

A4 black and white 6 pence
A4 colour  60 pence
A3 black and white 10 pence
A3 colour 84 pence
A2 black and white £1.07 per sheet
A2 colour £7.20 per sheet
A1 black and white £1.40 per sheet
A1 colour £8.40 per sheet
A0 black and white £2.44 per sheet
A0 colour £9.60 per sheet

Electronic Plans

 A0 - £3.00 per sheet

 A1 - £2.40 per sheet

 A2 - £1.80 per sheet

Applicants may also be expected to meet the costs for collation, finishing, postage and packaging.


In responding to a request for information under FOIA or EIR, where the council identifies that fees and/or costs are chargeable, the council will issue a fee notice to you within 20 Working Days of receipt of your request for information.

The period from the day the fees notice is issued to the day the fee is received does not count towards the 20 working day limit for response.

If the Council does not receive payment within three months of issuing a fees notice, it is no longer obliged to respond to the request.