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Freedom of Information, Environmental Information Regulations and exercising your rights under Data Protection law – COVID 19 update

Requests for information can still be made from us during this time and you can also continue to exercise your rights (eg. via data subject access request) under data protection law. Details on how requests can be made or how you can exercise your rights can be found via the following pages:

The Legal team, which is responsible for responding to the above requests, is not currently working from the Council offices, therefore we would be grateful that applicants use electronic methods rather than by writing to us as post is not currently being monitored on a regular basis.

We would be grateful that, should you wish to make a request during this time, to firstly check the following sources of information via our website, as the information you seek may already be published:

Please be aware that we are already operating with a reduced number of employees due to sickness, self-isolation, childcare difficulties and the redeployment of a number of employees to help with service demand in the following areas:

  • Customer Services
  • Housing
  • Revenues and Benefits
  • Waste and Recycling

These service areas have identified as critical at this time to support the North Devon community.

All of the above is and will continue to have an impact on our ability to respond to requests within the statutory deadline in some cases, however, we will of course keep you updated should any delays be identified and we will extend deadlines to ensure that those officers required to respond are provided with the additional time required.

We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause you.