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The advice will now be as follows from Monday 19 July 2021:

Crematorium Funerals

  • The number of mourners able to enter the chapel will rise to 162
  • Seating is more widely spaced on one side of the chapel to offer a choice to distance
  • Service time will revert to 30 minutes (70 minutes if a double-service is booked)
  • Face coverings will remain a requirement (unless a relevant exemption applies)
  • 2- metre social distancing to crematorium and funeral staff should be maintained
  • Numbers attending the service outside will no longer be limited, though access may be restricted once the car-parks are full to ensure the safety of visitors
  • Singing will only be permitted by arrangement (professional/amateur singers/choirs only)
  • Bearing the coffin into the chapel (including family bearers) will resume
  • Vestry, waiting room and bearers rooms will all remain closed
  • You must not attend a funeral if you have been advised to self-isolate, have symptoms of or have tested positive for Covid-19

Crematorium Office

  • Will re-open to ‘drop-in’ visitors 9am – 4.30pm, though appointments will be encouraged. Entry will be controlled by a video access system
  • A face covering must be worn when entering any North Devon Crematorium Building as a visitor (unless an exemption applies)


  • 2-metre social distancing from North Devon Council and funeral staff should be maintained wherever possible
  • Restrictions on mourner numbers (outside) are lifted
  • The cemetery chapels will remain closed