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Mr Jonathan Hudson has organised a list of volunteers to help in the Charles village and surrounding area.  Telephone: 01598 710350, email:

Brayford village have a Facebook page, through which the following activity is coordinated:

  • collecting names and contact information of those volunteering to help members of the community
  • inviting those who need assistance to make contact with volunteers directly
  • providing printouts to:  a) let people know if someone is self-isolating and b) providing slips for people to offer assistance
  • providing a list of government links for official information
  • providing links to other sources of information

The page also contains posts about local businesses offering delivery services, local announcements regarding Covid-19, plus links for those who normally conduct classes to help them start up online versions. In addition, videos of the local landscape so that those stuck indoors can see in and around the Brayford village.