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If you've been flooded either inside your property or outside or both, here are some frequently asked questions to help you recover from the incident.

My house is uninhabitable and I have no friends and family around to help – what do I do?

We can provide temporary accommodation so please fill in this online form or call us on 01271 388870 or email If this happens outside of normal working hours, please contact our out of hours service on 01271 388240.

Our food has been spoiled as a result of the flooding – is there any help?

If you need an emergency food parcel, please contact our Customer Services team on 388870 and they will issue you with a voucher to collect a parcel from the Foodbank or arrange delivery if we have resources available.

We can also collect any spoiled food and dispose of it for you. Call us on 01271 388280 or email

I have problems with blocked drains – who do I need to contact?

Devon County Council is responsible for drain clearance. You can report a blocked drain to them online or you can call them on 0345 155 1004.

Who do I tell about damaged roads, pavements and footpaths caused by the flood?

Devon County Council is responsible for damaged highways. You can report a problem to them online or you can call them on 0345 155 1004.

What do I do with my damaged carpets and furniture?

We have limited staff and vehicles but will do what we can. Please call us on 01271 388280 or email and we can advise on what we may or may not be able to take away. Please make sure your insurers know that you are intending to dispose of these items as they may want you to take photos for evidence.

You may find that your insurance company will arrange disposal so make sure you contact them as soon as you can.

I’m worried about structural damage to my property that could be dangerous

If there is structural damage that poses a danger, you need to contact our Building Control service. Fill in this online form or call 01884 234974/ 01884 234345 or email If it’s outside of normal working hours, please contact our out of hours service on 01271 388240.

Report an electrical, gas or sewage problem

To report:

Pumping out water

You may need a permit to pump water out of a property. If you want to pump the water into:

You can ask your local fire brigade for help pumping out water. They might charge a fee and can help you get a permit

I don’t have any contents insurance – what do I do?

We are unable to advise you on this but we may be able to point you in the direction of financial support if there is any available at the time. Please call Customer Services on 01271 388280 or email Alternatively, contact the Citizen’s Advice Bureau – call 0344 411 1444 or email or you can visit them at 1-3 Bridge Buildings, The Strand, Barnstaple, EX32 8LW 10am-3pm Tuesday-Friday. you can also visit their website.

There is more useful information about what to do if you're uninsured on this website.

Where can I find out more information about flooding?

We have a flooding information page on our website that signposts you to where you can get more help and information on various aspects of flooding such as how to sign up to Met Office weather alerts and Environment Agency flood warnings, as well as places you can get practical help and advice.

The Environment Agency website has also got lots of important and useful information:

Here are some other useful websites: