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(Updated 16 November 2021)

Stakeholder consultations

During November, we held a number of consultations with key stakeholders to the project. Stakeholders were asked to feed their views and ideas into the plans so far.

We met with Pannier Market traders and staff, a group of Barnstaple businesses, a residents group, the Barnstaple Regeneration Board, representatives from Barnstaple's cultural sector, a number of land and businesses owners and Barnstaple Members and Town Council Members.

The feedback from the stakeholders has been collated and fed back to Oxford Architects, who are now reviewing it and working on the next iteration of plans.

We will be starting a public consultation in January 2022, more details about this will be released closer to the time.

3D scanning in the Pannier Market

You may have seen our appointed surveyors, Merrett Survey Limited around Barnstaple Pannier Market last month.

Merrett were using the latest laser scanning and 3D modelling techniques to survey this listed building as part of our planned work to diversify the market into a flexible space for a more varied programme of markets and events.

This equipment projects a laser beam one million times per second at whatever object is in view. The lasers bounce off the object (eg. the façade of the Market) and the instrument picks up the ‘return’ signal to measure a distance.

This creates a high accuracy three dimensional ‘point cloud’ of datapoints, which is then used to create a detailed 3D model of the building. This means that the planning of any alterations or repairs can be made very accurately.

Surveying work

During November, we have made site visits with our architects and structural team. They were looking at the Barnstaple Pannier Market roof structure to consider whether it will be an option to add solar panels and get a better understanding of the repairs needed. The team has been spending time in the town and at the four project sites to help inform their next steps.

Meet the Team

Our internal project team includes officers from a number of our teams: Economic Development and Regeneration, the Museum, Planning, Communications and Estates. The team, which also includes a Conservation Officer, is meeting on a weekly basis in the early stages to push the four projects forward.

The wider Market Quarter team is also in place:

Currie & Brown  

Managing the project is Myles Clough, Director at Currie & Brown's Exeter Office. Myles has previously managed the delivery of the Barnstaple Museum extension and is also project managing the new Barnstaple Leisure Centre, so he is certainly familiar with the area. Myles will work closely with the internal project team at North Devon Council.

Design Team 

The design team is led by Alistair Jackson, a partner at Oxford Architects with a development interest in historic buildings, having worked with a number of Grade 1 and 2 Listed Buildings, and a RIBA accredited Conversation Registrant.  

Alistair is supported by project architect, Viki Kameonva, who has been involved in a variety of residential projects and those involving public buildings, demonstrating a special sensitivity towards historical and cultural heritage.

Oxford Architects are joined by Clarkebond (Mechanical and Electrical Engineering) and Method Consulting (Structural Engineering), fronted by Max Thurgood and Nick Sendell. Much like Oxford Architects, both companies have a vast array of experience in cultural assets, including SS Great Britain, Jamaica Inn and the Roman Baths and Pump Room, to name but a few.  

Gates Consultants

A Barnstaple-based company, familiar to many residents, their head office is based metres from the heart of the project. Gates are the projects' quantity surveyors and will advise on all aspects of project costs. Recent heritage projects include St Aubyn’s Church and the Plymouth Museum and Art Gallery. Lead for this project will be Managing Director, Kevin Binmore. 

Branding update

You’ll soon start to see some exciting new branding alongside our Market Quarter projects. We worked closely with local stakeholders to design a brand that encapsulated the ambitions of the project, the excitement people are feeling about it and what sort of town Barnstaple is going to become.

Working alongside local marketing firm Boom Boom Media, we drew up some concepts based on stakeholder feedback to develop a brand for both the wider Barnstaple Vision work and the Market Quarter work stream. All the concepts were well received, however there was a clear favourite and, with a bit of tweaking, the final concept was then drawn up and approved. 

Over the coming weeks and months you will start to see it appearing on site and in our general communications. We hope you like it and share our feeling of excitement as you see the regeneration programme coming to life and the positive change that is coming.