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Town centres are changing. The pandemic has only made that process faster and more visible, with more and more of us switching to buying online. But we also know that the pandemic has really made people aware of the need to buy local and support local, as well as how much it means to receive the great northern Devon customer service! The strong staycation market this year also means we’re expecting large numbers of visitors, and we need to make sure that not only do they have the right information in advance but that they are able to make the most of our fantastic local offer.

Through initiatives such as Live Love Local, we have been working hard throughout the pandemic to keep people safe when they are in our town centres whilst encouraging them to keep supporting local businesses whether we were in lockdown or under restrictions. But having lived through lockdowns we also know that both locals and visitors are really keen to make the most of everything that our fantastic region has to offer - from town centres to walking trails, beaches to events.

As such, we and Torridge Council are delighted to announce the launch of the northern Devon app in summer 2021- a free app called Dscvr (pronounced 'discover') designed to give you the information you want.

Features of the new app include:

  • Each town will have its own area on the app meaning it can be tailored to each individual town in North Devon and Torridge
  • Details of local businesses, with those businesses also able to highlight special offers and support you to buy through them online
  • places to eat and things to do, including walking, cycling, history and even nature trails!
  • It can identify people’s location so when they open the app, it will know where they are and will show them the relevant town’s content, whilst still allowing you to browse the other towns
  • Local events, cultural and leisure facilities promoted for free
  • It will allow people to tailor their feed to make sure they’re finding out about what matters to them!
  • It will carry Covid safety messaging until it’s no longer needed
  • It can send out push notifications if there’s a message that needs to be got out quickly, such as a major road closure or poor water conditions!

We and Torridge Council have arranged for businesses to feature free on the app and they will be contacted by the Dscvr team with regards to their participation.

You can take a look at the Dscvr app now and see how other towns and cities are using it. The app is available on both android and IOS devices.