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Fees and charges - 1 April 2021 - 31 March 2022

Cremation service fees
Cremation service Fees

Adult (age 18 and over)*


Adult 15-minute attended service - Early morning (no organist)


Adult Direct Cremation (no service/no mourners)


Service Extension / Memorial Service (30mins inc Organist if available)


Funeral Director Charge for service over run (where mourners remain in chapel beyond service time)** 


Service Cancellation within 72hrs of Service


Cremation service fees for under 18s are free to the applicant and will be paid by the Children’s Funeral Fund for England.

*Cremation fee includes:

  • cremation
  • environmental fees
  • use of chapel, waiting room etc.,
  • services of Chapel Attendant, music system, organist (if available)
  • Medical Referee’s fee
  • disposal of cremated remains in gardens, or cardboard casket (additional £7 for scatter tube)

**Service time commences at the booked start time and includes time for mourners to enter and leave the chapel.

***Live webcast and simple slide show are not charged for child services (below 18 years old).For our full memorial service and fees see the Crematorium fees and charges webpage.

Webcast/tribute services
Webcast or tribute services Fees Details



Webcast of service via internet

Live, 28 days watch again, Service download


Webcast, watch again for 28 days and downloadable MP4 copy to keep

Physical Copy (DVD / Blu-Ray / USB)


A copy to keep (2-3 week delivery)

Chapel Screen Photo (Halo)


A single picture shown when requested

Simple Slideshow


Slide show max 25 pics (once or on loop)

Professional Photo Tribute


Slide show max 25 pics with music (played once)

Professional Photo Tribute Extra Pics


Per additional 25 pictures

Family Supplied Video Checking


Checking supplied video (played once)

Physical Copy of Pro Photo Tribute


Copy recording (DVD / USB) of the Pro Tribute only

Download Copy of Pro Photo Tribute


Downloadable recording of the Pro Tribute only

Each extra copy of any DVD / USB


For each extra copy of ordered DVD / USB

Extra Work


Adding video to Pro photo Tribute or nonstandard