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1. What happens to the food waste that will be collected?

Food waste is taken from your kerbside to our recycling centre at Brynsworthy, where it is emptied into large skips. It is then transported to an anaerobic digestion plant in Holsworthy where it is turned into electricity and fertiliser. 

2. Won't the caddy smell?

Your caddy will be emptied weekly with your other recycling, therefore it should not smell. If the lid of your caddy is kept shut, any smells will be kept inside. Using liners or wrapping your waste in newspaper or kitchen roll will also keep the smell down, especially if the liners are tied tightly at the top before being placed in the kerbside caddy. Also recycling your food waste will mean your kitchen bin will be less smelly.

3. What can I line my caddy with?

You can line your caddy with newspaper, a sheet of kitchen roll or a bag (plastic, paper or compostable) - this helps contain the food waste and is more hygienic for you and our recycling crews. All liners are mechanically separated from the food waste and recycled if possible or converted into energy via an energy from waste plant. If you line your caddy with a bag why not use an old cereal or bread bag to give it a second use.

If you want to buy compostable caddy liners, these are available at local supermarkets or online. The kitchen caddies take 7 litre bags and the kerbside caddies take 23 litre bags. Please tie up the liners inside the caddy once full; this makes it more hygienic for our collection crews. Placing a folded sheet of kitchen roll on the bottom of your caddy will soak up any liquids.

4. What if I no longer have the smaller kitchen caddy?

You can contact us to request a replacement.

5. What if food spills out if the caddy blows over or is attacked by wildlife?

This should not occur as the handle of your kerbside caddy also acts as a lock. When you close the lid of the caddy and pull the handle forward, the lid won't open.

6. What if I do not wish to keep my kerbside caddy?

You are no longer be able to place food waste in your black/green bins as this could cause contamination. We have now introduced a new service to collect your food waste on a weekly basis with your other recycling via the kerbside caddy. If you do your own home composting and definitely do not require a kerbside caddy please contact customers services who will arrange for one of our recycling team to collect your unwanted caddy. Alternatively you can return them to your local council office.