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An assisted collection is where the Refuse and/or Recycling collectors will collect your waste from an agreed collection point and return them to that same point if you are unable to place them on the kerbside.

The customer will need to provide the following information to apply for an assisted collection:

  • Their name and address
  • The address of the property they are requesting the assisted collection for (if different)
  • Their council tax reference number
  • The serial number of their blue badge (if they have one)
  • The location of their existing collection point
  • The location of their preferred collection point if their application is approved

The criteria for an assisted collection is where:

  • The applicant is incapacitated or disabled, either temporarily or permanently
  • There is no other able-bodied person living in the same property
  • No family member or neighbour is available to help move the rubbish to the front of the property
  • The applicant can provide proof of incapacity from a doctor if requested to do so

An assisted collection does not include:

  • Collection from behind a locked gate
  • Collection from inside a property (ie inside a garage or shed)
  • Not visible from the roadside

Within your application we will need to agree:

  • The location of where your containers (bins) will be kept for collection
  • Whether your application is temporary or permanent
  • The start date of your assisted collection

Request an assisted collection

Once your application has been made, it will be sent to a supervisor for authorisation. You will receive confirmation from us within 10 working days. Each year you will be asked to renew your assisted collection service by calling our customer services team on 01271 374776.