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The charges for collecting bulky items are below. Items that are large, heavy or unusual will be classed as non-standard item and attract a higher charge dependent on the size/weight of the item.

We are only able to collect bulky items from domestic properties.

Items must be thoroughly cleaned and completely emptied.

We will collect items that can be safely carried on a trolley, by one person (up to a maximum of 40kg).

Our standard charges from 1 April 2023 are as follows:

  • up to two items - £23.00
  • up to three items - £31.00
  • up to four items - £38.00
  • any exceptionally large items - please obtain a quotation 

To book a bulky waste collection, please contact our Waste and Recycling Team on 01271 374776.

Your item(s) must be placed on the kerbside of the property by 6am ready for collection. We are unable to collect any items from private land due to health and safety and our indemnity insurance. All items must be empty and cleaned thoroughly. If the driver feels that they are unable to collect an item due to health and safety risks such as containing food, general or hazardous waste or it hasn’t been put in an accessible place, we will not collect the item. We’ll leave a note to explain why it cannot be collected. We will not return for your item(s) and you will not be refunded.

We can only collect items that are classified as household waste. We are unable to collect commercial units or anything containing ammonia. 

If we miss your collection, we will return within 5 working days so please leave your item presented kerbside, however it must not cause an obstruction.

Cancelling/Amending a bulky waste collection 

Collections can be cancelled up until 5pm the working day before the date of collection. Cancellations made any later will not be refunded.

We are unable to amend bookings. If you wish to add or remove an item to be collected, you need to cancel this booking and make a new booking. Please be aware that your original collection date may not be available if you do this.

Please inform us at the time of booking whether one or two people will be needed to carry your standard item.

Bulky waste standard items
Item type Examples
  • sofas (three-piece suites are equivalent to three items) 
  • arm chairs
  • Bed frame and mattress (please cover mattress with something waterproof)
  • Cot/Cot beds
  • Bookcase
  • Bureau/Desk
  • Dressing table
  • Chest of drawers
  • Stool
  • TV stand/cabinet
  • Table/table and chair set (up to four chairs) - additional pair of chairs counts as one additional item)
  • Wardrobe - 1 to 2 doors counts as one item (taken whole), 3 or more doors counts as two items (taken in parts)
Household goods
  • Standard size cooker (not a Range, Aga or Rayburn cookers)
  • Dishwasher
  • Internal doors (not glazed)
  • Domestic fridge / freezer / fridge-freezer - please state at the time of booking if it is an American style appliance
  • Fridge must connect by mains plug (not pipes or 12v battery)
  • Ironing board
  • Microwave
  • Television
  • Stereo with pair of speakers
  • >Rug (must be rolled and tied) - please state the size of the rug at the time of booking
  • Light stand
  • Blind/ Curtain pole
  • Computer equipment
  • Suitcase (must be empty)
  • Tumble dryer
  • Washing machine/washer dryer
  • Exercise equipment (excluding weights)
Outdoor items
  • Garden furniture
  • Lawn mower (not ride-on)
  • Barbecue
  • Strimmer
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Play equipment (flat-packed)
  • Standard sized fence panel (must be intact, we are unable to take individual pieces of wood)
Chargeable non-standard items
Item cost Examples
£35 items
  • External door (not glazed)
  • Carpet per room (rolled up and tied). Please note: We are unable to take carpets which are soiled
  • Bathroom furniture, such as bath (metal or porcelain baths broken into pieces), toilet (plus cistern), sink - in this instance, the first item will be charged at £35, additional bathroom furniture will be £5 each
£45 items
  • Flat-packed shed (maximum size 8ft by 6ft) (must be intact, we are unable to take individual pieces of wood)

Items we can't collect

  • asbestos
  • commercial fridge/freezer
  • ammonia gas fridges (see images below)
  • commercial ovens
  • boilers/ oil and oil tanks
  • bricks/rubble
  • glazed doors/ greenhouses/ glass/ mirrors/ windows 
  • hazardous waste
  • night storage heaters
  • photocopiers
  • pianos
  • radiators (larger than 5ft by 2ft)
  • range/aga cookers
  • ride-on lawn mowers
  • sheds (larger than 8ft by 6ft)
  • tyres (except pushbike)
  • vehicle parts such as car/van seats
  • any oil filled radiators

photo of an ammonia gas fridge

photo of the back of a normal fridge

Top picture: the back of an ammonia gas fridge. We CANNOT take these.

Bottom picture: the back of a normal fridge. We CAN take these.

If you have any items not covered by our services, you can use LoveJunk as an alternative provider. LoveJunk is an online marketplace for the collection of bulky waste, furniture and appliances. It matches you to nearby licensed waste carriers and also reuse charities and is free to use.

Bulky cardboard

If you have large amounts of cardboard that can't fit into your brown reusable bag, please contact us to arrange a free bulky waste collection.

We can take up to 20 large flattened boxes. However, if you place out more or they are not flattened, these will not be collected. This is because we need to ensure we have enough room on our vehicles to complete other bulky waste collections booked for that day. 

Cardboard is collected in an open backed vehicle, therefore it must be secured by string or tape. Please ensure you do this before leaving your cardboard out for collection. 

Assisted special or bulky waste collections

Householders who are entitled to an assisted collection for their waste can also request an assisted bulky waste collection. However, we are unable to enter a property.

Other alternatives

Some charity shops will take goods that can be reused. Please check with them direct to see if they will accept your item. Additionally, the following charities may also collect goods free of charge where they can be reused:

There are also free online services, such as Freegle, where you can advertise unwanted items.

Devon County Council also operates several recycling centres across North Devon, which may take your bulky items.