Planning enforcement deals with cases where there has been:

  • development carried out without planning permission or permitted development rights
  • unauthorised advertisements
  • works carried out to protected trees
  • non-compliance with conditions attached to planning approval

Report a concern  

Enforcement notices

There are legal documents which can be served on people who have built something without the required permissions. A notice could:

  • stop or prevent an activity
  • request the removal of an unauthorised building or extension
  • ask for a development to be changed to make it more acceptable

Anyone receiving an enforcement notice can appeal to the Planning Inspectorate

If you want to know more, please contact us by email or on 01271 388288.

List of enforcement notices


ParishAddressEnforcement case number
Ashford Ashford Inn Farm, Braunton Road, Ashford 9641 (pdf 678KB)
Atherington Land at Quiet Waters, High Moor, Atherington 6807 (pdf 558 KB)
Barnstaple 1 Union Terrace, Litchdon Street, Barnstaple 7079 (pdf 628KB)
Barnstaple Fourways, St Johns Lane, Barnstaple 4097 (pdf 132 KB)
Barnstaple The Meadow, Nr Upper Gorwell House, Goodleigh Road, Barnstaple 7763 (pdf 399 KB)
Barnstaple 30 Boutport Street, Barnstaple 7766 (pdf 1.8 MB)
Barnstaple Marmaris Kebab and Pizza, 20 Bear Street, Barnstaple 8415 (pdf 1.3 MB)
Barnstaple 9a Ebberly Terrace, Bear Street, Barnstaple 8523 (pdf 386 KB)
Barnstaple Webbers Property Services Ltd, 4 Queen Street, Barnstaple 9010 (pdf 1.6 MB)
Barnstaple 16 Ashleigh Road 9491 (pdf 2.5 MB)
Barnstaple 29 Ashleigh Road 9361 (pdf 637 KB)
Barnstaple 6 Taw Vale 9590 (pdf 665 KB)
Barnstaple 7 Taw Vale 9591 (pdf 756 KB)
Barnstaple Chequers Estate Agents, 66 Boutport Street, Barnstaple 9727 (pdf 2 MB)
Barnstaple 101 Newport Road, Barnstaple, EX32 9BA 10070 (955 KB)
Berrynarbor Yetland Holdings, Berry Down 4156 (pdf 113 KB)
Berrynarbor Land at Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park and Jurassic Hotel 6361 - workshop (pdf 931 KB)
Berrynarbor Land at Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park and Jurassic Hotel 6361 - mobile homes (pdf 1 MB)
Bishops Tawton Land at Deer Park Nurseries, Deer Park Road, Barnstaple
6112 - Operational (pdf 2.8 MB)
Bishops Tawton Whitemoor Grange, Bishops Tawton 7581 (pdf 3.5 MB)
Bishops Tawton Broadypark Farm, Venn Road, Barnstaple 7890 (pdf 412 KB)
Bishops Tawton 10 Sanctuary Close, Bishops Tawton 8054 (pdf 1.1 MB)
Bishops Tawton 1 The Bushens, Bishops Tawton 9766 (pdf 322 KB)
Bittadon Land OS 8088, The Old Forge, Lynton Cross, Bittadon 4879 (pdf 113 KB)
Bratton Fleming Rye Park, Bratton Fleming 3989 (pdf 165 KB)
Bratton Fleming Land opposite Greenacres Farm, Lower Stowford 5887 (pdf 1 MB)
Bratton Fleming Land to the rear of the property known as "Summerland", Bratton Fleming 6390 (pdf 811 KB)
Bratton Fleming Land off Grange Hill, Bratton Fleming 6588 (pdf 319 KB)
Bratton Fleming Land at Highlands, Stowford Cross 6864 (pdf 486 KB)
Bratton Fleming Long Close, Lower Stowford, Stowford 7902 (pdf 343 KB)
Bratton Fleming Land north east of Oxenpark, Bratton Fleming 9662 (pdf 310KB)
Braunton Land west side of Stentaway Lane, Putsborough, Braunton 8721 (256 KB)
Braunton 8 Burrows Close, Braunton 3979 (pdf 94 KB)
Braunton Corfe Green House, Knowle, Braunton
4196 -Hardcore (pdf 143 KB)
4196 -Ramp (pdf 87 KB)
4196 -Vehicles (pdf 93 KB)
Braunton The Grange, Sanfield Farm, Lobb, Braunton 4668 (pdf 96 KB)
Braunton Buttercombe Lane Quarry, Boode, Braunton 4515 (pdf 106 KB)
Braunton Field at SS5037NW, Buttercombe Lane, Boode, Braunton
7481 (pdf 316 KB)
Braunton Toby's Platt (adjacent to Junts Cottage), Pippacott, Marwood, EX31 4EJ 9749 (pdf 2MB)
Burrington Land near Whitecleave House, Burrington 6141 (pdf 780 KB)
Burrington Rivercross Meadow, Burrington, EX37 9JR
9733 (pdf 989 KB)
Burrington Land adjacent to Bragamarsh Wood and the A377, Burrington
7116 - Stop Notice (pdf 78 KB)
7116 - EN Operational (pdf 880 KB)
Burrington Valle Vue, Burrington 8085 (pdf 505 KB)
Burrington Oakleigh (formerly known as Braggamarsh Wood) 8362 (pdf 448 KB)
Burrington Bables Tenement, Burrington 9007 (pdf 311KB)
Chittlehamholt Exeter Inn, Chittlehamholt 1861 (pdf 153 KB)
Chittlehampton Little Langaton Farm, Chittlehampton 3955 (pdf 995 KB)
Chittlehampton Langaton Shippon, Higher Langaton Farm, Chittlehampton 8884 (pdf 527 KB)
Chulmleigh Taw Hollow, Burrington, Umberleigh 4516 (pdf 186 KB)
Chulmleigh The Old Court House, Chulmleigh 2999 (pdf 158 KB)
Chulmleigh Field Adjacent to Bakers Elstone Farm, Chulmleigh 7187 (pdf 1.1 MB)
Chulmleigh Land north of Edgiford Cross, part Huntacott Farm, Chulmleigh 8584 (pdf 870 KB)
Combe Martin Bridge House, King Street, Combe Martin 3066 (pdf 182 KB)
Combe Martin Parkhills Industrial Estate, Rectory Road, Combe Martin 4694 (pdf 129 KB)
Combe Martin Reubendale House, High Street
2236 (pdf 193 KB)
2779 (pdf 190 KB)
Combe Martin Vellacott Farm, Vellacott Lane 2677 (pdf 151 KB)
Combe Martin Rock House Farm, Castle Street, Combe Martin 5533 (pdf 786 KB)
Combe Martin Agricultural land on the property known as Hillsview Ridge Hill 7090 (pdf 1.6 MB)
Combe Martin Hills View, Ridge Hill, Combe Martin 8116 (pdf 578 KB)
Combe Martin Land on the south side of Shute Lane, Combe Martin 6674 (pdf 334KB)
Combe Martin Land known as The Dean, Chapel Lane, Combe Martin 9722 (pdf 1MB)
East Anstey Mickles Field, Whitefield Cross, West Anstey 4517 (pdf 1.2 MB)
East Down Land at Brinscott Farm, Combe Martin 5752 (pdf 2.1 MB)
East Down Ashelford Farm, East Down, EX31 4LU 9021 (pdf 2MB)
East Worlington Woodpark Cottage, West Worlington 6808 (pdf 3.5 MB)
Fremington Old Barn Inn, Bickington 3562 (pdf 257 KB)
Fremington Fremington Quay, Fremington 9392 (pdf 1 MB)
Georgeham Baggy Lodge, Moor Lane, Croyde 8740 (pdf 458 KB)
Georgeham The Folly, Higher Stentaway, Croyde 6708 (pdf 405 KB)
Georgeham Shippen Rill, Millers Brook, Croyde 7062 (pdf 2.8 MB)
Georgeham Field at 4428NE, off Milkaway Lane, Croyde 7102  (pdf 1.1 MB) and 8639
Georgeham Land adjacent to Baggy Lodge, Moor Lane, Croyde 9304 (pdf 475 KB)
Georgeham Land adjoining Brambles, Milkaway Lane, Croyde 9199 (pdf 2.5 MB)
Georgeham Land adjoining  Brambles, Milkaway Lane, Croyde 10154 (pdf 421 KB)
Goodleigh Land known as "Honey Hill", opposite Collard Bridge, Snapper, Barnstaple 9754 (pdf 638 KB)
Heanton Punchardon Fair Oak Farm, Ashford
1913 -Building (pdf 147 KB)
1913 -Parking (pdf 128 KB)
1913 -Trevannan (pdf 132 KB)
Horwood, Lovacott and Newton Tracey Land adjacent to The A39, Lydacott 5268 (pdf 1.2 MB)
Horwood, Lovacott and Newton Tracey Land at Horwood (a.k.a. Woodpecker Barton), Opposite lane leading to West Barton Stables, Horwood 5924 (pdf 330 KB)
Horwood, Lovacott and Newton Tracey Field at SS 5026 2683, Watergate Corner, Horwood 7082 (pdf 2 MB)
Horwood, Lovacott and Newton Tracey Land at Newton Tracey

9587 - Breach of Condition Notice (pdf 1 MB)

9587 (pdf 454 KB)

Ilfracombe 25 Bicclescombe Park Rd, Ilfracombe 3953 (pdf 123 KB)
Ilfracombe 21 Church Road, Ilfracombe 5201 (pdf 1.1 MB)
Ilfracombe 11-12 High Street, Ilfracombe 3687 (pdf 145 KB)
Ilfracombe St Agnes, Quayfield Road 5843 (pdf 1 MB)
Ilfracombe 9 Hillsborough Terrace, Ilfracombe 6471 (pdf 1.3 MB)
Ilfracombe Gabriel House, Wilder Road 6585 (pdf 2.4 MB)
Ilfracombe 1 Shipping Chambers, The Quay 6863 (pdf 2.6 MB)
Ilfracombe 52 High Street, Ilfracombe, EX34 9QB
8909 (pdf 3MB)
Ilfracombe 5 Fortescue Road, Ilfracombe EX34 9AD
9308 (pdf 2MB)
Ilfracombe Flat 1, 1 Hostle Park, Ilfracombe, EX34 9HW
9353 (pdf 833KB)
Ilfracombe Harleigh House Hotel, Wilder Road, Ilfracombe, EX34 9AE
8511 (pdf 1MB)
Ilfracombe Watermouth Lodges, Watermouth, Ilfracombe, EX34 9SJ
9866 (pdf 2MB)
Ilfracombe Flat 3, 1 Hostle Park, Ilfracombe, EX34 9DH
9973 (pdf 771 KB)
Kentisbury 2 West View, Blackmoor Gate, Kentisbury
3191 -Building (pdf 86 KB)
3191 -Land (pdf 103 KB)
3191 -Use (pdf 83 KB)
Kentisbury Westleigh Farm, Combe Martin
Location Plan (pdf 119 KB)
Kentisbury Field at SS6242NW, Kentisbury Ford, Kentisbury 7028 (pdf 1.5 MB)
Kentisbury Grattons, Patchole, Kentisbury Ford 7024 (pdf 1.5 MB)
Kings Nympton Land at Garland Cross, Kings Nympton
6308 - Material (pdf 404 KB)
6308 - Operational (pdf 407 KB)
Kings Nympton Glebelands, Kings Nympton 7512 (pdf 406 KB)
Knowstone west Hill, Knowstone, South Molton 7374 (pdf 3MB)
Landkey Stepsford Holding, Birch Road, Landkey 6677 (pdf 691 KB)
Loxhore Oakdene, Loxhore 7133 (pdf 2.27 MB)
Marwood Centery Farm, Bittadon 9502 (pdf 367 KB)
Marwood West Wing, Lee House, Marwood 4161 (pdf 201 KB)
Molland Wild Boar Plantation, West Anstey, South Molton
3718 -Use (pdf 956 KB)
3718 -Building (pdf 886 KB)
Mortehoe Eastacott Nature Farm, Woolacombe Rise, Woolacombe
1806 - Building (pdf 2.7 MB)
Mortehoe Moongold, Springfield Road, Woolacombe 5601 (pdf 1.9 MB)
Mortehoe Greentop, Headlands View Avenue, Woolacombe 8131 (pdf 1.8 MB)
Mortehoe Lee Meadow Farm, Ilfracombe 9444 (pdf 520 KB)
Pilton West Land at Roborough Barns (a.k.a. Twinmoor View) 6893 (pdf 476 KB)
Rackenford Land on North side of Lower Tidderson Barn, Rackenford 6983 (pdf 2.7 MB)
Rackenford Land adj. Middle Mogworthy, Rackenford 8032 (pdf 348 KB)
Rackenford The Rackenford Vineyard, Nettleford Hill, Rackenford 8193 (pdf 462 KB)
Rackenford Land at Tidderson Lodge, Tidderson Lane 8282 (pdf 513 KB)
Rackenford Land at Mogworthy Lane 8969 (pdf 500 KB)
Rose Ash Strawberry Fields, Whippenscott Hill, Rose Ash 8093 (pdf 447 KB)
Rose Ash The Tall Barn, Woods Farm, Ash Mill, South Molton 8552 (pdf 1.64 MB)
Satterleigh and Warkleigh Land to the East of Higher Watertown, Chittlehamholt 5581 (pdf 556 KB)
Shirwell Higher Cleave, Muddiford 9608 (pdf 1MB)
South Molton 23A South Street, South Molton 3816 (pdf 196 KB)
South Molton South Ford Farm, Exeter Road, South Molton 5695 (pdf 596 KB)
Swimbridge Land at Field Pt OS 0985 SS5928 Green Lane, Swimbridge
5547 - Access (pdf 338 KB)
5547 - Building(pdf 301 KB)
Swimbridge Land North of Higher Yarnacott, Yarnacott, Swimbridge 7073 - Chalet (pdf 1.6 MB)
Swimbridge Land North of Higher Yarnacott, Yarnacott, Swimbridge 7073 - Building (pdf 272 KB)
Swimbridge Land North of Higher Yarnacott, Yarnacott, Swimbridge 7073 - Barbeque Area (pdf 1.3 MB)
Swimbridge Land North of Higher Yarnacott, Yarnacott, Swimbridge 7073 - Land (pdf 2.1 MB)
Swimbridge Land at 14/15 Meadow Way, Tree Rural Enterprise Park, Gunn 7225 (pdf 308 KB)
Swimbridge Field Pt OS 0985, Green Lane, Bishops Tawton 7346 (pdf 225 KB)
Tawstock Land OS 7868, Corfe, Tawstock 2459 (pdf 694 KB)
Tawstock Yelland Strawberry Farm, Harracott, Nr Barnstaple 5879 (pdf 1.1 MB)
Tawstock Land At Oak Farm (AKA Land lying to west of Smemington Barn), Tawstock, Barnstaple 8164 (pdf 1.1 KB)
West Anstey Higher Bidbrook Farm, Ringaton 8725 (pdf 675 KB)
West Down Land known as Gillards Meadow, West Down 9691 (pdf 1MB)
Westleigh Walled Area Adjacent to Highway, Near White Lodge, Westleigh, Instow, Bideford 6226 (pdf 3.1 KB)
Witheridge Land at Woodpark Copse, Witheridge 2464 (pdf 271 KB)
Witheridge 26 West Street_Witheridge 3421 (pdf 245 KB)
Witheridge Coleford Farm, Rackenford 3356 (pdf 131 KB)
Witheridge Malson Farm, Rackenford 6215 (pdf 2 MB)