Entry and exit barriers and new payment machines have been installed at Hardaway Head (site of the old multi-storey off Queen Street) and Bear Street car parks.

The new pay-on-foot scheme involves taking a ticket at the barrier and paying for your parking when you return to your vehicle. This means you don’t have to rush back to your car before your ticket runs out, giving you more time to spend in town.

The new payment machines take coins, notes, credit and debit cards.

Taking a ticket

  • stop your vehicle at the entrance barrier ensuring that you can reach the ticket slot
  • press the button for a ticket, the barrier will raise when you take the ticket
  • keep hold of the ticket - you will need it to pay for your parking when you return to the car park


  • when you return to the car park, insert your ticket into the slot in the paystation
  • the screen will show how much you need to pay for your parking and which coins you can use
  • you can also pay by credit/debit card
  • whole hours must be paid for but the system will give change
  • once the full amount has been paid, the paystation will return your ticket (you will need this to exit the car park)
  • press the “Receipt” button if you need a receipt, as this is not automatically produced. Receipts can be obtained at any time before exiting the car park

Leaving the car park

  • drive to the exit barrier ensuring you can reach the ticket slot
  • insert the ticket into the slot (with the barcode facing upwards) – this will raise the barrier so that you can exit the car park

Lost tickets

  • if you lose your ticket, you will need to pay the full day’s charge
  • There is a “Lost Ticket” button on the pay station. Once the full day’s payment has been made a ticket will be produced from the pay station to allow you to exit

Using the car park out of hours

The barrier is in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so a ticket will still be required when entering the car park, even after the chargeable period has ended (6pm) and this must still be retained in order to insert into the exit barrier to leave the car park. Provided you exit the car park before the next chargeable period begins (8am), you will not be charged.


There are ‘help’ buttons on the entrance barrier, exit barrier and paystation. These activate an intercom system which is manned 24 hours a day.