The Parks team is responsible for monitoring the grass cutting, hedge trimming, tree management and shrub maintenance on North Devon Council-owned land, including parks, some sports pitches and pockets of open space around the district. If you want to contact us about overgrown grass, trees, shrubs or hedges on our land you can report it online or call our Parks team.

Report it online  

If your query relates to grass cutting, hedge trimming, shrub maintenance and tree management on the roadside you can report it online to Devon County Council. Click on their map to select the location and report the problem.

Tree management

If a tree is within the boundary of your property, the council is not responsible for maintaining it. It is your responsibility to check if any tree within your property is covered by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO).

If you are concerned with a loss of light due to a tree on council-owned land, please note it is not our policy to trim trees unless they are dead, dying or dangerous. 

If you think you have found a tree that is dead, dying or dangerous, please report it to us.