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In order to assess whether a discount is applicable you should provide evidence to confirm that either major/structural works are required or are being carried out to make the property habitable. Please note that only one file can be uploaded per type. Additional information can be emailed to

Please note that your application cannot be processed unless the relevant supporting evidence is provided. Please refer to our guidance notes.

Type of works:


Guidance notes

From 1 April 2013 Councils have been able to set discretionary discounts. Each local authority can determine the level and period of discount for certain types of unoccupied property.

You can claim a 50 percent discount on your Council Tax for up to a year if your property is unoccupied and unfurnished, and

  • Requires, or is undergoing major repair work to make it habitable, or
  • Is undergoing structural alterations, or
  • Less than six months have passed since major or structural work has been substantially completed and your property remains unoccupied

Please note that North Devon Council has decided to reduce the discount for unoccupied property that require/undergoing major or structural repair to 0 percent with effect from 1 April 2017.

The effect of this change means that any award of 50 percent discount will end on 31 March 2017 and no discount will be awarded from 1 April 2017.

What do we mean by major repair works?

For the purpose of this discount, major repair works include structural repair works. Structural repairs to the main structure of the property eg. roof, walls and foundations will be considered. We will also consider the cost and the extent of the work needed to make the property fit to live in and the time that it would take to complete the work.

We do not consider replacement, refurbishment or modernisation to be repairing the property. Works to make the property more comfortable or attractive, such as decorating, refitting a bathroom or kitchen, and minor repairs can all be carried out while you are living in the property and will not qualify for an exemption.

Individual works such as installing central heating, double glazing, replastering, rewiring, replacement floor and ceilings would not be enough to qualify if taken individually, but consideration would be given to the aggregate effect of otherwise minor works, in assessing an application.

Please note that a property that requires works to bring it to a standard to allow commercial letting is not automatically considered as uninhabitable for Council Tax purposes.

What do we mean by structural alterations?

Any structural alterations would have to be substantive such as a large extension. Minor items such as putting in a roof window or a porch would not be sufficient. We will consider alterations to supporting walls; in particular the use of rolled steel joists, but not the erection of stud partition walls.

How to claim the discount?

If you wish to apply for the discount, please complete the form uploading any supporting evidence.

It is very important that the council tax office is notified before the work starts (or very soon after), or if the property falls into serious disrepair, as an inspector may need to visit the property to verify the claim.

What if the works have already been completed?

You are more likely to make a successful claim if you inform the council tax office before you complete the works. If the work is almost or already complete you will need to provide supporting evidence such as copies of relevant estimates, structural surveys, receipts for works done and any dated photographic evidence. In the absence of this information a discount will not be considered.

The personal information you provide will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.