Councillors who are not Members of the committee who wish to speak on a particular agenda item must indicate their wish to speak to the Corporate and Community Services Officer in advance of the meeting, within the required timescales in line with section 10.

For Members of the committee who wish to speak in the debate, they should click on the meeting chat facility and simply write their name. The Chair will then be aware they wish to speak and can take the requests in the appropriate order.

There will be an upgrade to Microsoft Teams, which will allow participants to virtually ‘raise a hand’ i.e. signalling that they wish to speak, which will be used when available.

It is important that the chat function is used solely for this purpose or to raise a point of order, otherwise it is very distracting if other questions/conversations are happening within the chat, simultaneous to the meeting.

When referring to reports or making specific comments, Councillors should refer to the report and page number so that all Members of the committee have a clear understanding of what is being discussed at all times.

If the debate appears to be coming to an end, the Chair may ask if any other Member wishes to speak before concluding the debate.

When anyone speaks, they should remember to switch on their mics and video, refer to any relevant page numbers and speak clearly.