In the event that the Chair or Corporate and Community Services Officer identifies a failure of the remote participation facility, the Chair should declare a recess while the fault is addressed.

If it is not possible to address the fault and the meeting becomes inquorate through this fault, the meeting will be abandoned until such time as it can be reconvened. If the meeting is quorate, then it should continue.

Those attending remotely would be aware and accept that the meeting would continue and a vote would be taken without their attendance.

However, if a connection to a Member is lost during a regulatory meeting, the Chair will stop the meeting to enable the connection to be restored. If the connection cannot be restored within a reasonable time, the meeting will proceed (unless it has become inquorate), but the Member who was disconnected will not be able to vote on the matter under discussion as they would not have heard all the facts.

If the Chair is made aware that the meeting is not accessible to the public through remote means, due to any technological or other failure of provision, then the Chair shall adjourn the meeting. If the provision of access through remote means cannot be restored within a reasonable period, then the remaining business will be considered at the next ordinary meeting or at a time and date fixed by the Chair if the remaining business is time critical.

If the meeting was due to determine an urgent matter or one which is time-limited and it has not been possible to continue because of technical difficulties, the Chief Executive in consultation with the Leader or Deputy Leader and the Chair or Vice Chair of the relevant Committee shall explore such other means of taking the decision as may be permitted by the Council’s constitution.