All executive members have a portfolio which reflect council priorities and budget objectives in the Corporate Business Plan.

Our Leader is Councillor Des Brailey and our Deputy Leader is Councillor Pat Barker.

The Chairman of our Council is Councillor John Moore and Deputy Chairman is Councillor Frank Biederman.

Members of the Executive hold the following lead member appointments:

Partnership and Shared Services
  • Corporate strategy
  • Communication
  • Information systems
  • Joint working
  • Emergency planning
Councillor Brailey
Local Plan and Regeneration
  • Economic Development and the Growth Agenda
  • Regulatory Services supporting Economic Growth (Community Safety)
  • Delivery of Local Plan
  • Strategic Planning
  • Tourism

Councillor Barker

Councillor Yabsley

Resources and Asset Utilisation
  • Land and property
  • Medium term financial plan and savings plans
  • Performance against council's budget
  • Capital programme
  • Revenues and Benefits
  • Procurement

Councillor Edgell

Councillor Lane

The Environment
  • Natural Environment/AONB/Biosphere
  • Alternative energy initiatives and sustainability
  • Waste and Recycling (including commercial income generation)
  • Shared enforcement
  • Public conveniences
Councillor R Cann
Health and Wellbeing
  • Access to sport, leisure and recreation
  • Public open spaces
  • Culture and theatres
  • Provision of adequate housing
  • Public health and protection
  • Safeguarding

Councillor Jones

Councillor Moores

Business transformation
  • The improvement agenda
  • Alternative models for service delivery
  • Service reviews and improvement
Councillor Luggar
Service delivery and performance management
  • Delivery of service plan actions and performance management
  • Customer interactions and Access to Service
Councillor Brailey