The Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) has undertaken a review of the electoral wards of the district of North Devon and made the following recommendations:

  • North Devon should be represented by 42 councillors, one less than there is now
  • North Devon should have 25 wards, two fewer than there are now
  • The boundaries of most wards will change; five will stay the same

The new arrangements will come into force at the local government elections on Thursday 2 May 2019.

As a result of the changes, the council needs to carry out a review of all the polling districts, polling places and polling stations in the district. The wards have to be sub-divided into smaller geographical areas called polling districts. Each polling district has a polling place where the polling station for the district is located and where electors living in the district will vote.

The consultation period for this review begins on Thursday 1 November 2018 and closes on Monday 3 December.

If you want to comment on the on the arrangement of polling districts and polling places within the boundary of North Devon District Council, email or write to Judith Dark, Polling District Review, Electoral Services Office, Lynton House, Commercial Road, Barnstaple EX31 1DG.