• Marlborough Road, Ilfracombe
  • Bear Street, Barnstaple

Please find below cemetery charges as from 1 April 2018.

Please note, a 50 percent discount applies to North Devon Council (NDC) residents in respect of Burial and Exclusive Rights fees.

Burial fees

Burial fees Fee NDC resident
Initial burial - 16 years of age and over £1,214 £607
Subsequent burial - 16 years of age and over £1,020 £510
Burial of cremated remains £166 £83
Burial of a child up to 16 years No fee No fee

Fees to purchase the exclusive right of burial for 30 years, which include the right to erect a memorial

Exclusive right of burial fees for 30 years Fee NDC resident
For an adults grave  £1,128 £564
For a cremated remains grave £386 £193
For a child's grave £310 £155
Administration fee in respect of transferring of rights £37 £37

 *Please note the pre-reservation of a grave plot is only available at Bear Street Cemetery 

Memorial fees where rights were purchased before 1 April 2016

Memorials Fee
To erect a headstone only £78
To place a tablet or vase £53

Additional fees

Additional fees Fee
To add an additional inscription to a monument £31
Use of chapel per 30 minutes £36
For searching Register of Burials for one year £36
For searching Register of Burials for each additional year £36
For a certified copy of an entry in the Register of Burials £36