Coronavirus - COVID-19

Covid service disruption

Due to Covid-related staff absences, you may experience some service disruption in some areas. If your bins or recycling are missed, leave it out for 48 hours. If we don't return, take it back in and put it out again on your next scheduled collection when we will collect any extra waste you put out.


Business support

Read about what measures are planned or in place to support our businesses through the COVID-19 outbreak

Communities and voluntary sector support

Information and advice for our communities and voluntary sector organisations

Safe town centres

Information for residents and businesses on the reopening of town centres in the district

Coronavirus and our services

Up to date information on how Coronavirus is impacting our services

Advice from the Government

The latest information and advice from the government on the COVID-19 pandemic

Coronavirus health and safety advice

Coronavirus health and safety advice from the Government, NHS and mental health organisations

Warning about scams

How to protect yourself from scams related to the Coronavirus pandemic

Apply for a payment from the exceptional hardship fund

Apply for a payment from the exceptional hardship fund