Our competitive trade waste and recycling service covers the whole of the North Devon district.

We can collect:

  • cardboard
  • glass
  • plastic bottles
  • paper
  • tins
  • general waste

We can provide your business with various sized waste and recycling containers.

All our prices are free from VAT, there is no charge for your annual duty of care and we do not charge for delivery or exchanges of bins.

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Make recycling your business

We use purpose-made kerbside collection vehicles to pick up your recyclables. This can be in wheelie bins of either 240 or 360 litres in size. If you produce only a small amount of recycling, we can also provide you with recycling boxes and bags, or labels and tape for bundled cardboard.

Trade Waste Bins

Our recycling service currently covers the whole of North Devon. If you are in this location and would like further information on our recycling service please contact us so we can help to choose the best solutions to suit you.

Your duty of care

By law, businesses are required to take all reasonable steps to ensure their waste is kept safe. All waste removed from your business must only be handled by a contractor or someone who is authorised to collect, transfer, recycle or dispose of it safely.

Whether you run a hotel, office, factory or restaurant as a business owner, you must arrange for your waste and recycling to be collected by a registered commercial waste contractor.

The cost of trade waste collections is not included in business rates because it is deemed fairer to charge businesses individually due to the difference in quantity and type of waste they each produce.

Waste collection and disposal is a highly regulated industry and businesses can be fined an unlimited amount for not adhering to these laws. The Environmental Protection Act 1990, Section 34 places a ‘duty of care’ on all businesses to ensure all waste produced is disposed of in an appropriate and legal manner.

North Devon Council is a registered waste carrier and can carry out this service for you and provide you with a waste transfer note.

For further information, see the Duty of Care regulations or NetRegs which gives environmental guidance for businesses.

How to reduce your costs

The Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011 require businesses to apply the waste management hierarchy when transferring waste. The hierarchy sets out, in order of priority, the options you should consider:

  • prevention
  • preparing for reuse
  • recycling
  • recovery (for example, energy recovery)
  • disposal

Reducing the amount of waste produced by a business will save money. This does have to be carried out legally and waste should not be placed out for household waste collections or be burnt.

By recycling you could pay less than sending your waste to landfill and this also helps to reduce your carbon footprint.

For further information on sustainable practices, see:

Holiday lets and self-catering accommodation

The Controlled Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2012 state that these types of premises are businesses and therefore should pay for a commercial waste service.

Full collection and disposal charges are applicable unless you receive small business rate relief, in which case only the collection charge applies.

If you are unsure about the type of rates you should be paying please contact our Revenues team who can help you.

There are benefits to having commercial waste collections for holiday homes. These include increased frequency of collections and some flexibility of collection days depending on accessibility to your area.