If you intend to supply alcohol, entertainment or late night refreshment at your business, you will need a premises licence.

Apply online for a premises licence

To apply for a premises licence, you must be aged 18 or over, with a view to operate a business at a premises (including open air) for any licensable activity. This can either be on a permanent basis or a time-limited period.

You will also need to:

If your application is for a substantial event or your event involves specific risk factors (waterside location, fire works, processions etc.) then you should notify North Devon’s Safety Advisory Group in order to gain safety advice in relation to your proposal. If in doubt we suggest that you read the guidance notes on the Safety Advisory Group’s website.


There are mandatory conditions (pdf  113KB) that are imposed on premises licences or club premises certificates. The Home Office has produced guidance for alcohol suppliers to help the trade to implement these conditions. 

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