Recycle more

Using the food waste service

When weekly food waste collections are introduced to all households in June, please make the most of the service. It is easy to use – just follow these three simple steps:

  1. Collect all your raw and cooked food waste - for your convenience, we can provide you with a small kitchen caddy that you can keep on your worktop
  2. Once full, or at the end of the day, empty your food waste/the contents of your kitchen caddy into a kerbside caddy – these kerbside caddies will be delivered to you in May 2017, before the weekly service is rolled out
  3. Put your kerbside caddy (not your kitchen caddy) out for collection, along with your other recycling boxes and bags, every week

Please line your caddies with special compostable caddy liners, which you can buy from the supermarket. This helps contain the food waste and is more hygienic for you and our recycling crews. Alternatively wrap your food waste in a sheet of newspaper or kitchen roll. Please do not use plastic bags.

If you want to buy compostable caddy liners, the kitchen caddy is 7 litres and the kerbside caddy is 23 litres.

Kerbside caddy and kitchen caddy

Until this new service is introduced, you can still recycle your food waste every fortnight by placing it in your green wheelie bin.

Other ways to get rid of your food waste

You can also put some of your food waste into a home composter. To find out what, as well as how to order a compost bin, please go to our compost webpage.

Further information on how to compost can also be found on Devon County Council's website.